Book Review: I’m With the Bears


Pauline Masurel reviews a collection of literary and science fiction stories by world renowned authors that imagine the affects of climate change. Bill McKibben was arrested in August this year while protesting against TransCanada’s proposed plans to build a pipeline that would carry oil from the Alberta tar sands to Texas. McKibben has written:  “This […]

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UK hiking holiday specialist heads for Lebanon


Eco-tourism holidays in Lebanon offer picturesque fishing villages and ancient remains British walking holidays specialist Ramblers Worldwide has added Lebanon to its list of destinations, according to a recent announcement. Ramblers Worldwide have long included Jordan, Morocco, Oman and other Middle East and North African destinations on their itineraries, although some scheduled trips to Egypt […]

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Inspiring Qatari Man Designs Solar Generator For High-End Desert Camps


After watching a sobering documentary about global warming, Hashim Al Sada has devoted his career to developing solar powered solutions for Qatar. If you can’t beat ’em, do you join ’em or redirect the game? Qatari desert camps are often equipped with a variety of electronics, including refrigerators, air-conditioning units (check out these Dead Sea […]

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Israel To Research from the Moon?


Studying earth from the moon could help humanity better understand climate change, Israeli engineers in Google Lunar X competition say. (From left, SPACE IL’s Yonatan Weintraub and Kfir Damari with Lori Garver, deputy administrator at NASA). As we learned recently from Rola’s post on Virgin’s galactic space travel for tourism, green research fields can be […]

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Arab World Revolutions Make Space for Green and Social Activism


Middle East NGOs must cross social, political and religious barriers to achieve long-term solutions to solve their regional complex environmental problems. While changes in political landscape across the Middle East and North Africa continue to pose immediate security and economic challenges for the region, can the environmental movement find a voice through wider political participation […]

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