Mario Cucinella: Interview With Gaza’s Green School Architect


We speak to Mario Cucinella the architect behind Gaza’s eco schools about building under conflict, water, education and bringing hope to a desperate region Early 2013 will see the launch of a green school which will collect rainwater and regulate internal temperature using thermal technologies. Whilst such a project would not be noteworthy in Europe, […]

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Gaza’s New Boardwalk Threatens Roman Ruins

Like Tel Aviv and Beirut, Gaza’s getting a boardwalk, but development threatens ancient Roman ruins. For years, it was a dusty, often garbage-strewn asphalt ribbon winding along Gaza City’s otherwise beautiful Mediterranean coast. Today, it’s a construction site, with heavy equipment plowing sand into position, digging tunnels and laying pipes. But if the plans proceed […]

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FoEME Calms Water War Rhetoric Between Palestine and Israel


News that the French Parliament accused Israel of using water “apartheid” unleashed a fury of water war rhetoric that Friends of the Earth Middle East’s Director Gidon Bromberg is trying to calm. Yesterday the Israeli paper Haaretz reported that the French Parliament accused Israel of using water as “a weapon serving the new apartheid.” Socialist […]

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Gaza’s Smuggling Tunnels Into an Underground Metro?


Palestinian artist Mohamed Abusal envisions converting Gaza’s smuggling tunnels into an underground metro system. A small handful of Bedouin families living in the Gaza Strip ran thousands of smuggling tunnels beneath the Egypt-Gaza Strip separation barrier. In part to transport weapons between Rafah in Egypt and the Rafah Palestinian refugee camp and in part to import […]

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Gaza’s New €10 Million Desalination Plant Will Fend Off Chronic Water Shortages


The EU plans to help fend off a growing water shortage in Gaza with a 10 million euro desalination plant. The European Union has pledged to build a €10 million desalination plant that will service Khan Yunis and Rafah in Gaza. This is a “medium-term” project designed to alleviate what is Gaza’s evolving water shortages. […]

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UN Says Aquaculture Could Solve Fish Collapse


Aquaculture, especially in ponds, may help preserve ocean fish species Catching wild fish in the sea is now threatening to deplete many fish species from the world’s seas and oceans, including illegal tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. With world population figures now topping 7 billion, an increasing demand is being made for fresh fish […]

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Seaside, Gaza Fishermen Grow Own Fish


Gaza fishermen preparing  nets. Fishing by Gazans now a “hazardous occupation”. Restrictions placed on Gaza fishermen by Israeli naval vessels has made living from the sea an almost impossible occupation these days. This fact goes along with decreasing fish catches in the Mediterranean due to over fishing, increasing sea pollution from sewage, plastic material and […]

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Green Prophet Flies To “The Gaza Islamic University Environmental Engineering Blog”


A weekly Green Prophet series that looks at the Arabic “green” blogosphere and online communities After looking at “The Forum of the Ornithological Society of Kuwait, the Saudi Green Blog, The Oman Eco Group Blogs, the UAE Environment & Life Blog, and the Yemenite Blog for Sciences and the Environment, we are now continuing our […]

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Haitians Test the Pee-Poo Bag: A Sanitary Solution for Crises in Middle East?


When sanitation pipes break, or they don’t exist at all, the Pee-Poo solution could alleviate risks from faecal pollution in the Middle East. “Flying toilets” are common in slums worldwide: Residents unable to reach a latrine due to crowding, distance or insecurity, defecate in a plastic bag and then sling it over the rooftops. But […]

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Fishing for Peace in Gaza at TEDx


Students in Tel Aviv propose business “net” – work for peace. Left to right: David Welch, Ohad Kot, Danielle Angel, David McGeady and Osher Perry from Nets of Peace. As one of the largest seafood producers in the Middle East, Israel’s innovative fish-farming industry is booming. Just a few miles downshore in Gaza, though, fishermen […]

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Nets of Peace Attempts to Alleviate Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with Environmentally Sustainable Fishing


Five graduate students come up with a plan for conflict resolution and sustainable fishing in Gaza. A creative team of five graduate students currently studying at Tel Aviv University‘s Sofaer International MBA and Business Management and Conflict Resolution programs is, understandably, concerned with resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Which is why they formed Nets of Peace […]

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I Pee, You Poo, We All Need Peepoo (Emergency Sanitation Bags That Grow Crops)


The Peepoople people have invented the Peepoo bag to solve sanitary problems. Good for disasters like Haiti, Maurice argues it could solve emergency sanitary problems in Gaza. Finding solutions to sanitation problems in the developing world may get a big boost with the advent of a the Peepoo, a special biodegradable toilet bag plugged by […]

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Egypt's Anti-Smuggling Wall Will Cause Major Damage to Gaza's Aquifer


The current border wall between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.  According to experts, a new underground wall will cause serious damage to Gaza’s Coastal Aquifer. The Coastal Aquifer, the main freshwater resource for Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, has been in danger for a long time. The environmental impacts of last year’s war between […]

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Tshuva's Yam Tethys Gas Company Wins In Natural Gas, But The Environment Loses


 He’s interested in Dead Sea development. Now Israeli billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva appears to have done it again after his Delek Energy subsidiary Yam Tethys won a $1 billion contract recently to furnish natural gas to the Israeli Electric Company (IEC). The gas, according to the Jerusalem Post, will power new electric power plants instead of […]

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The Elders and Eco Minded Businessmen to Visit Israel, West Bank, and Gaza


The Elders, a group of independent and eminent global leaders originally brought together by Nelson Mandela, have announced their plans to visit Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza at the end of August.    The delegation will be led by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, and will include Ela Bhatt (India), Gro Brundtland (Norway), Jimmy […]

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