Lebanon’s largest landfill gets blocked by protestors

Protestos blocking road to Naameh landfill

Lebanon has had its share of pollution and garbage issues laundered out on Green Prophet. There have been stories of garbage trucks dumping their loads straight into the sea, or those on Sidon’s notorious garbage mound, where local residents used to say: “It’s horrible isn’t it? You smell it before you can see it.”

The country’s largest landfill, the Naameh Landfill, receives the daily garbage and trash pick-ups from the capital Beirut and surrounding towns.

Naameh has recently been the subject of mass protests by both politicians and residents alike. A report in Beirut’s Daily Star said that large numbers of protestors, led by Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt literally blocked the roads leading to the Naameh Landfill to prevent garbage trucks from accessing it.

Jumblatt vowed to close the landfill and end the contract of the largest company hauling trash to it, Sukleen, by January 15, 2015.

Beirut trash piles upAs a result of the Sukleen trucks not being able to reach the landfill, garbage and trash began piling up in the streets of Beirut (see above) and other nearby locations.

The Lebanese Environment Movement, which has been involved in numerous issues affecting the country’s environment, also issued a statement that said: “The Lebanese Environment Movement deplores the lack of seriousness concerning the Lebanese landfill file.”

Whether of not the landfill is closed next year, as Jumblatt vows, a solution must be found concerning the growing size of the Naameh Landfill, and dealing with the daily amounts of garbage picked up from Beirut and surrounding locations.

Neighboring Sidon’s garbage mound, or mountain, may be undergoing a change itself, as efforts are now being made to give it an “eco makeover” by reclaiming the land and crating building projects on it.

More needs to be done, however, before either the Sidon dump or the main Naameh landfill  can be turned into an eco park like neighbouring Israel is trying to do with it’s once notorious Hiriya Garbage Mountain.

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Photo of protestors blocking the road to Naameh Landfill by Mohammad Azakir/The daily Star; Photo of garbage pile up in Beirut by Aljazeera

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