Nat Geo Goes On Tour, Through The UAE


National Geographic “isn’t just about animals”: that’s the message the Editor-in-Chief of the Arabic version intends to convey. National Geographic Magazine is one of the most exciting magazines on the planet. With 50 million monthly readers, its commitment to conservation, culture, and science is virtually unparalleled. To date, the National Geographic Society has awarded 9,000 […]

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If Bill McKibben’s A Communist, Call Me Alexandra Kollontai


Increasingly shameful to members of America’s conservative wing, Glenn Beck evokes Code Red by dismissing as “Communistic.” Sadly, he’s no match for our witty friend Bill McKibben. Who the hey is Alexandra Kollontai, you ask? Why, she is the author of  The Autobiography of a Sexually Emancipated Communist Woman. Of the year 1917, a time when Bolsheviks […]

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It’s The Beginning Of The End For Plastic Bags In Abu Dhabi


This story makes our hearts sing! Taking the threat of plastic bags seriously, Abu Dhabi is preparing for the 2013 total ban with a plastic-free weekend. Residents of the United Arab Emirates use 11.6 billion plastic bags every year. That’s 11.6 billion camel-killing, toxin-oozing, non-biodegradable bags that choke our water ways and blight beautiful places. […]

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Jordan’s Tribes Criticize Enviro Queen Rania

Queen Rania is the latest Middle Eastern elite to receive criticism from dissenting citizens. Like their Yemeni compatriots currently marching towards the presidential palace in Samaa, taking their cue and courage from jubilant Egyptians, thirty-six tribal leaders submitted a collective criticism of Jordan’s Queen Rania, according to an AFP report. Of Palestinian origin and born […]

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Iran and Qatar Make Bio-lateral Ties for the Birds?


One wonders if “raising game birds” is as environmental as Iran and Qatar claim it is Iran and Qatar are still interested in working together on environment projects. This time dealing with protecting endangered local animal species.  A new agreement was signed  by VP and Head of Iran’s Environment Protection Organization Mohammad-Javad Mohammadi-Zadeh , and […]

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Abu Dhabi Bejeweled Christmas Tree is World Record for Extravagance

Plastic bottles might not work in the Emirate Palace Hotel – but opulent jewelry decor isn’t fitting either. Image via AFP “Deck the halls with boughs of diamonds tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la”. Over extravagant Abu Dhabi has done it again! This time it’s with an opulent bejeweled Christmas tree that is now “decking” the main entrance hall of […]

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Interview With Israeli Designboom Competition Winner Anna Braverman


Already on her way to international acclaim, Israeli designer Anna Braverman talks to Tafline about the designboom competition, the philosophy of design, and life as a student in Japan. The winner of the Tokyo Designers Week in Japan and designboom endangered species competition, Anna was chosen out of 2,078 participants from 86 different countries. The […]

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How Books Capture Egyptian Children’s Green Imagination


Interested in getting your child interested in the environment? Why not try a spunky environmentally-themed book? Communication absorbs our every day. Even so, sometimes knowing how to communicate certain messages is as tangible as algebra. “Green” media struggles to find the balance between providing pertinent climatic information that bears directly on the public, and being […]

Read more’s Phil Aroneanu On How To Build An Environmental Movement In The Middle East


With a skype account and a compelling plan, Phil Aroneanu contacted organizers in just about every Middle Eastern country to amass an enormous following. Tafline asks him how it’s done: Until now, few people would have lumped community-centered environmental activism and the Middle East in the same sentence. But that stereotype is being flipped […]

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“Earth Day Network” President Kathleen Rogers Defines “The New Environmentalist”


Kathleen Rogers and the world wide web have revolutionized citizen environmental activism. Since 1970, Earth Day has pivoted grassroots environmental activism in a powerful way, uniting the global community with global concerns. Numerous other campaigns have also emerged, providing untold opportunities for ordinary citizens to voice their insistence on a cleaner, safer, and saner future. […]

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Abu Dhabi Builds Giant Lightbulb For “Turn It Off” Campaign


Giant lightbulb installation in Abu Dhabi International Airport forms part of a campaign to reduce energy and water waste. How do we best effect change is a question that environmentalists, marketers, and social activists are constantly addressing. In the UAE, one man hopes to stop reckless driving through a campaign that combines emotion and logic, […]

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Want To Mobilize The Green Mob? Lebanese Bloggers Show Us How!


Lebanese Bloggers elbow their way through wishy washy red tape to spread urgent environmental and political messages. Environmental bloggers go to great lengths to confront the dual challenge of making people aware of serious environmental concerns, and inspiring them to do something about it. We absolutely have to cut carbon emissions, a message that Bill […]

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