Free, Easy-to-Use Field Guide Lists 60 + Proven Clean Energy Technologies

Dubai-based couple develop proven green technologies guide for like-minded architects. There are more than 60 proven ways to harvest nature’s power and convert it into clean, renewable energy, but knowing where to find information about these various applications isn’t always so easy. Enter Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian from the Land Art Generator Initiative. The […]


Thirsty Gulf Country Quits Exports of Precious Groundwater

Abu Dhabi will no longer be sharing their precious groundwater. Dubai’s water scarce neighbor Abu Dhabi recently announced that it has banned all groundwater exports, Gulf News reports. Established yesterday at a Ministerial Service Council meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ban will keep […]


Termite Mounds Inspire Energy Neutral Buildings

Mr. Dubai, why not build your hotel like a termite would? Green Prophet has written many articles on green building, and the revival of beautiful earth architecture in the Middle East. Earth architecture is certainly a more sustainable and interesting alternative solution – for those lucky enough to own some rural land, but can buildings […]


Vimto’s Moldy Soft Drink Recalled in Dubai

Dubai Municipality seizes thousands of Vimto soft drink bottles infested with floating fungi. Vimto is the Middle East’s favorite soft drink. It’s especially appreciated as an instant energy boost after the daily fast during Ramadan month. We’re well aware that juice and sugary soft drinks increase risk of liver damage. To compound the soft-drink danger in […]


Dubai Does Big Bus Tours

A Dubai Big Bus passing ultra luxurious Atlantis on the Palm hotel. Green is where the money is. The futuristic city of Dubai is often hailed as the showcase of the Arabian Gulf. Dubai  has many attractions including the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and so big that it needs a huge waste disposal […]


Hydropolis Underwater Hotel in Dubai Still Sunk

Dutch designer once planned for outer space, but this closer to home Hydropolis never got off the ground in Dubai. There have been some pretty crazy Real Estate projects built in the United Arab Emirates, like the world’s tallest building the Burj Dubai. Most of the hair-brained construction projects over there are unsustainable – Burj […]

Dubai Airport Flash Mob Dance Will Make You Smile!

If you thought that Emiratis lacked a sense of humor, you obviously haven’t seen this! This isn’t necessarily green news, but it does have potential for sparking green activism projects: At the end of October 55 people posing as airport personnel and other normal citizens broke out in a well-rehearsed dance at the Dubai International […]


Badly Injured Cheetah Found On Abu Dhabi Streets

The fastest animal on earth is found limping, badly injured, through the heavily-trafficked streets of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. There are few sights more beautiful than a majestic cheetah in the wild. And few more upsetting than that same creature injured and limping through the streets of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. […]


Empower to Cool Dubai With Recycled Sewage

District cooling is already super green. Now Ahmad Bin Shafir plans to take the mission one step further Wild and crazy Dubai is hardly known for sensible conservation of scarce resources, but CEO Ahmad Bin Shafir could change all that with a radical new approach to keeping cities cool. His rapidly growing company Empower already […]


Green Prophet Wants to Meet All The UAE Eco-Peeps

Tafline finally gets to sink her teeth into the United Arab Emirates’ eco-scene, and wants to meet all the groovy green folks during her three week stay! Yours truly  is touring the United Arab Emirates’ green scene on Green Prophet’s behalf and wants to see you! After a very brief but incredibly well-serviced flight from […]