A Leaky Faucet Can Save You Money

I noticed a drip coming out of the base of my kitchen sink faucet. It was only a few drops, so I procrastinated. Over time it grew more and more. I thought: “it’s just a few drops, it can’t be too bad.” Finally I went out to the store to get a new faucet. When […]


Antibiotics From An Underwater Drugstore

No matter how sophisticated modern medicine becomes, common ailments like fungal infections can outrun the best of the world’s antibiotics. In people with compromised immune systems (like premature babies, AIDS victims or those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer) the risk is very high: contracting a fungal infection can be deadly. Now Tel Aviv University zoologists are diving deep […]


Print With less Ink – Ecofont

How many times have you printed out a final draft and found out that it wasn’t as final as you had thought? I always feel bad for the paper, the ink, well, lot’s of guilt. Now there’s a solution! “How much of a letter can be removed while maintaining readability? After extensive testing with all […]


Reflections On A Day Hiking Through Jordan Valley's Wadi Qelt

Green Prophet recently wrote about the rise in environmental activism and awareness amongst Palestinians, including conservation biologist and educator, Sami Backleh. In this guest post, Sami, a resident of east Jerusalem, writes about the flora and fauna of Wadi Qelt in the Jordan Valley near Jericho. (Article originally published in This Week in Palestine.) It […]


Refill Your Kettle

After your kettle has boiled and you’ve emptied it, before it cools down, add some water for next time. While the kettle is still hot. This takes advantage of energy you have already used and paid for, and will help the cold tap water warm up and so save energy next time you brew.


How to Use the Winter to Green Your Fridge!

Use the winter cold to your advantage! We all know by now that thermal mass in the fridge is a good idea… so we have those plastic bottles filled with water and taking up space not occupied by food, right?! Well, when temps dip below freezing, put a couple outside. When they freeze, swap them […]


Back To School – Reuse Books

With everyone going back to school over the next few days, now is a good time to connect with parents from your children’s school. Find out who has children in grades above your child and see if you can get their old books. There are also many book stores which will buy and resell used […]


Take Care of Your Clothing

Once you buy clothing if you have chosen well you are going to want to keep them for a while. Nothing wrong with wearing a shirt more than once… Even if your job depends of fashion. Take care of your clothing and it will mean less waste, and more money in your pockets. Green living […]


Smart Shopping

For some there is nothing more rewarding than a new item of clothing. Nothing wrong with that. Right?! You’re thinking: “those greenies won’t let me have any fun!” It’s true, being green can seem oppresive. But it’s really about attitude. Nothing wrong with a nice shiny new article of clothing, but if it sits forever […]


Shades in the Morning

During the summertime if you put your shades (trisim) down in the morning it will help keep your house cooler for the rest of the day. And don’t just use shades for your house! With the right name-brands you too can be cool as your protect your eyes…


Israeli Environmental Awareness Went Postal

Literally, postal.  It was quite a pleasant surprise when we found out that in 1975 Israel came out with stamps encouraging civillians to protect their environment.  Not only was the message beautiful, but the stamps were pretty darn good looking too. Designed by Israeli artist and sculptor Eliezer Weishoff (whose monuments and other creations are […]


Greening Your Car – Tuneups

Getting regular tune-ups, maintenance and having clean air filters will help you burn less gas, pollute less, save money and prevent car trouble down the line. Lighten the load, the less you shlepp the less gas your burn. Get the extra junk out of your trunk.


Cautious Driving Saves The Environment Too

Use Your Brakes Less, Don’t Accelerate Quickly. Look far down the road ahead, even if “far” means half a city block.  Get into position for turn-lanes smoothly and early so that you don’t have to accelerate to get in front of traffic.  Remember that the guy who leaves the stoplight the quickest also pays more […]


Green Your Car – Tires

Make sure you have good tires. Different tires affect you MPG in different ways. When you’re in the market for new tires, look for the ones that help give you the best mileage. Once you have the right tire don’t forget about proper inflation! Too much or too little can significantly effect your MPG as […]


Good Ol' Home Cooking…

Packaged food is becoming more and more predominant in our society. The busier we get the more we look for instant solutions. The problem is that pre-cooked/store bought foods are not only less healthy for you than home cookin’ but it’s bad for the whole planet as well. Eat one more meal in. Take the […]


Have A Good Shabbat

The Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest. According to tradition God created the world in six days and on the seventh day he rested. Because of this religious Jews will not do any acts of creation on Saturday. Acts of creation includes cooking, using electricity, and even traveling long distances. Take a page out […]


Wine Cubes for keeping bits of old wine

I love cooking with wine… and sometimes I add some to my cooking too. Cooking with alcohol, especially wine, can release elements in food that would otherwise not come out, specifically tomatoes and meats. If you have a little bit of wine left over in a bottle but cannot finish it, instead of letting it […]