Dubai Porsche Driver Walks Pet Cheetah on a Leash

This juvenile cheetah is paraded in front of several onlookers in the streets of Dubai. Trafficking illegal drugs in the United Arab Emirates can earn offenders a death sentence, but trafficking wild animals that are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) apparently goes unnoticed if committed by a rich Emirati. […]


Police Beat, Tie-Up, and Fire On Citizens Protesting Dying Ramsar Protected Lake in Iran

Police violently repressed activists protesting the nearly irreversible damage done to the Middle East’s largest salt lake over the weekend. This image was taken of a protest earlier this year. Like a chain of dominos, citizen protests are erupting everywhere: following the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions catalyzed in part by skyrocketing food prices, political protests […]


Interview With Environmental Filmmaker Zeina Aboul Hosn

We speak to the Zeina Aboul Hosn, an environmental filmmaker based in the Middle East about sharks, working on the Age of Stupid and the challenges she faces in her work Shortlisted for the Amnesty International 2008 Media Award for journalists covering human rights, Zeina Aboul Hosn is clearly passionate about the world around her […]


Persepolis Horse Remains Found Buried Alongside Humans

About 2/3 the size of most horses, the Caspian was used to draw ancient chariots into battle. Louise Firouz loved her Caspians, a small horse that was thought to have gone extinct 1,300 years ago. After marrying into an aristocratic family, the American Cornell graduate took up her love of horses anew by establishing a […]

Jordan Valley Eco-Centre Opens Community Guesthouse

Palestinian youth learn about water issues at Al-Auja Eco-Centre Green Prophet has featured news about the Friends of the Earth Middle East (FOEME) Eco-Centre at Al-Auja, a Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley, on a number of occasions. Green Prophet writer Rachel Bergstein has reported on the challenges the inhabitants of Al-Auja face because the […]


Two Women Cycle The Silk Road For Transboundary Conservation

These women began their epic 10,000 mile biking for transboundary conservation journey in Istanbul. Following their own footsteps down an entirely different path, best friends Kate Harris and Melissa Yule left Istanbul to continue a year-long tour of transboundary protected areas (TBPAs) along the Silk Road. With concern that these outlaying ecosystems are especially vulnerable […]


Jordanian Environmentalists to Fight Ajloun Forest Construction

Jordanian environmentalists have launched a new campaign against planned construction in a nature reserve. Jordanian environmentalists have launched a new campaign against plans to build a military academy at Bergish, in the Ajloun Forest nature reserve in north-western Jordan. The plans will, says campaigners from Halt Ajloun Deforestation, destroy an estimated 2,200 trees – some […]


Ethical Foraging Saves Native Flora

Care for wild edibles as if you’d grown them yourself, and they’ll come back year after year. The Jewish springtime Tu B’Shvat festival is just around the corner on Wednesday night, the 19th of this month. The flowering of the almond trees on that day also signals new green growth on Israel’s dry soil. It’s […]


Surprise ! Grand Opening of First Masdar City Building

The carbon-neutral Masdar City seems to have been a concept for forever, it seems. In my mind, it has long been filed under “noble theory.” So I was surprised to get an email from Foster+Partners today. The Architects responsible for the Masdar Institute matter-of-factly announced the opening of the first building in the visionary city-to-be […]


Where Have All The Iranian Leopards Gone?

Persian Leopards are hurtling towards extinction. While creating promotional mugs and Ts can raise awareness about biodiversity in general, The Iranian Cheetah Society takes on the leopard for measurable results. High vehicle fatality rates and rubbish in the national parks is not all that threatens Iran. That country stands to lose the remaining populations of […]


Get Naked at Dead Sea for Spencer Tunick

Get naked at the Dead Sea – for the environment! Spencer Tunick, famous for his mass nude photographs of people set against unique backgrounds and landscapes, has chosen the Dead Sea to shoot his eco-sexy art. That means hundreds to thousands of Israelis will need to volunteer to strip to their birthday suits, all for […]


UAE Scholars And Imams Speak Up For The Environment

Littering and lack of moderation violates important Islamic tenants, according to prominent scholars With businesses in the UAE slowly beginning to take the environment message seriously, it seems that  scholars and imams are now doing the same. During a Ramadan seminar titled ‘Islam and Environment’ organised by the Emirates Environmental Group, the renowned Islamic scholar […]


Joshua Mater Rebuilds Iraq One “Green” Mind At A Time

Named after his father who died of cancer in 2002, Joshua Mater established the Michael Scott Mater Foundation (MSMF) to create sustainable solutions to world problems Just today, reports came in that a suicide bomber killed and injured more Iraqis in Baghdad, soon after the United States committed to its withdrawal from the country, and […]


Mikveh: Sacred, Sensual Gray Waters Far From Green

The first time I entered into the mikveh, it felt as if my body was suspended in something extraordinary, primordial fluid, if you will. Every sense awoke. The water felt warm against my skin, like a comforting caress, and the gentle lapping sounds echoed against the walls and whooshed in my ears. Time became irrelevant […]


A Nature Peace Park

Israeli-built wind farm on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israeli Syrian expert skeptical that nature Peace Park on Golan Heights would bring peace. We’d reported last month on the Peace Parks conference hosted by Tel Aviv University. The idea is to create a nature reserve out of the occupied Golan Heights now under Israel sovereignty, and […]