Turkey Joins 78 Others to Pass Feed-in Tariffs To Encourage Renewable Energy


Feed-in Tariffs can jump-start renewables faster than any other renewable energy policies. But is Turkey’s high enough to do the job? The Republic of Turkey has just joined the throng of rapidly growing developing nations that are offering a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) to developers of renewable energy, in order to put more renewable power on […]

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Abu Dhabi Builds Huge Artificial Aquifer to Hide Desalinated Water from Terrorists


Abu Dhabi is almost entirely dependent on desalination for its vital water supply. If desalination plants were bombed, the city would have just four days of water. The wealthiest of the United Arab Emirates federation has just begun to build the world’s largest artificial aquifer beneath its scorching sands, at a cost of $436 million, […]

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Abu Dhabi Pioneers Concentrated Solar Thermal A/C With Chromasun


Breakthrough sustainable clean energy technology gets a field test in forward-thinking Abu Dhabi In one of Chromasun’s first international pilot projects, the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority has arranged for the company to demonstrate its commercial solar-powered air conditioning technology,  Solar Thermal Magazine reports. Chromasun’s unique solar thermal air conditioning system is being installed […]

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Dubai’s RUBENIUS Invited by Mexico to Build 1 GW of Energy Storage on US Border


Dubai firm to build wind energy storage for Californian consumption? Mexico President Felipe Calderon announced last week at the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, that he intends to support a project by Dubai’s RUBENIUS to provide 1 gigawatt of energy storage in Baja California, that would be used to store wind power to be […]

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GE Partnership With Kinrot Ventures Takes Clean Water Innovation Global


GE has just announced a partnership agreement with Kinrot Ventures, the internationally recognized Israeli trailblazer in VC funding for advanced water technologies. Hot on the heels of reaching out to international innovators with the Eco Imagination Challenge, GE is now making a strategic move into the water innovation business, as countries around the world begin […]

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Ormat Subsidiary Joins Geothermal Rush to Supply Chile’s New Renewable Energy Program


Until this year, Chile’s renewable energy standard required only 3.5% of clean electricity by 2020. This year, they raised it to 20%. Now they are swamped with geothermal bids. Ormat Technologies Inc  ((NYSE: ORA) South American subsidiary Ormat Andina Energia Ltd was among the companies and subsidiaries of foreign-held companies that submitted bids to explore for […]

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Leviathan Gets EUREKA Grant to Tap Municipal Hydro Power


Leviathan Energy has been awarded a EUREKA grant of over €1 million to further develop and test its completely unique hydro power turbine in city pipes. Leviathan’s Benkatina turbine makes hydro energy from right inside the pipes that run underneath cities (and up and down hills) carrying municipal waste water. The company’s highly-efficient patent-pending hydroelectric […]

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Sunpowered Cooling From Linum Picked by ARPA-E


Just in time for an overheating planet, Israeli solar thermal air conditioning company Linum Systems gets an audience with US clean tech investors Stealth start up Linum Systems, founded just last year by Yuval Berson and Amir Hirshfeld, and discovered here by our own Green Prophet in June, was the only Israeli company selected to […]

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Israel Aerospace Industries Looking For Major Green Projects


This statue by the United Nations HQ in New York City expresses the biblical vision of “beating swords into plowshares.” An Israeli industrial powerhouse is also seeking to transition from military to civilian applications. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel’s largest industrial exporter, whose current product mix is 70% military and 30% civilian, is seeking to enter the […]

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Young Israeli Clean Tech Innovators to Participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week

Young Israeli entrepreneurs contribute their cleantech ideas to Global Entrepreneurship Week. Global Entrepreneurial Week, a worldwide initiative that hopes to inspire the next generation of creative, entrepreneurial people to “generate new ideas and to seek better ways of doing things” is taking place next week (November 14th-19th).  Throughout this week around 40,000 events are expected […]

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France’s Alstom Enters Joint Venture to Invest in Israeli Cleantech Technology


Alstom, which is providing the trams for the Jerusalem Light Rail project, will invest in Israeli cleantech The French energy company Alstom, which recently acquired a 10% stake in the solar company BrightSource, is embarking on another green project in Israel, TheMarker reported this week. In a joint venture with Rotem Industries (the business arm […]

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BrightSource NRG Team Up to Break Ground on World’s Largest Thermal Solar Plant


Endorsed by Obama, BrightSource as a leading solar energy innovator. The company broke ground this week. California’s solar energy future is looking to become a lot brighter: an agreement was just made between the BrightSource Energy Company, and the US Fortune 500 company NRG Energy LLC. The joint project, a 392 megawatt solar thermal power plant, […]

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