Israel Offers a Too-Low Rate For Wind Feed-in Tariff

Israel fails the “Goldilocks test” for feed-in tariffs with a rate that is too low to hit the sweet spot for wind farm proliferation Israel’s Public Utility Authority posted on Monday for public comment its revised proposal for feed-in tariff rates that the government will pay for the output of small wind turbines up to […]


Sunpowered Cooling From Linum Picked by ARPA-E

Just in time for an overheating planet, Israeli solar thermal air conditioning company Linum Systems gets an audience with US clean tech investors Stealth start up Linum Systems, founded just last year by Yuval Berson and Amir Hirshfeld, and discovered here by our own Green Prophet in June, was the only Israeli company selected to […]


Israel Aerospace Industries Looking For Major Green Projects

This statue by the United Nations HQ in New York City expresses the biblical vision of “beating swords into plowshares.” An Israeli industrial powerhouse is also seeking to transition from military to civilian applications. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel’s largest industrial exporter, whose current product mix is 70% military and 30% civilian, is seeking to enter the […]

Young Israeli Clean Tech Innovators to Participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week

Young Israeli entrepreneurs contribute their cleantech ideas to Global Entrepreneurship Week. Global Entrepreneurial Week, a worldwide initiative that hopes to inspire the next generation of creative, entrepreneurial people to “generate new ideas and to seek better ways of doing things” is taking place next week (November 14th-19th).  Throughout this week around 40,000 events are expected […]