Europe’s Biggest Solar Farm To Be Built In Turkey

The 100-MW photovoltaic power station would be the first to harness Turkey’s remarkable solar resource. Turkey has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to solar power. At more than 1 million terawatt-hours (twH) of solar radiation each year, it receives more sunlight than most countries in Europe — for comparison, Spain […]


Cloud Invented: Will Solve Climate Change

Qatar scientists have invented the portable cloud, to hover over a football game in 2022 I have long covered wonderful, innovative and sometimes wacky inventions to reduce our use of fossil fuels, in order to prevent climate change. There’s no shortage of the genius needed. But, unfortunately, preventing climate change takes political commitment as well, […]


Leviathan and Solaris Synergy Imagine if the Water for the Shower Can Make the Energy Needed to Turn on the Light

Israel powers up a new round of EUREKA grants – two make electricity from municipal water supplies A €33 million fund to help fuel the development of 25 projects in renewable energy, biotechnology and clean-tech industrial manufacturing across Europe was announced by the EUREKA network at a meeting in Israel Sunday. Since Israel’s chairmanship that […]


Human Fertilization Starts at the Bottom

A banal for-profit product for the Third World may revolutionize the treatment of human waste In the Middle East and other regions with increasing water stress, using clean water to whisk excreta out of sight is increasingly wasteful. For the more than 40% of the world’s population that don’t have private toilets with running water, […]