Ecomum Throws a Green Birthday Party

Birthday parties can be delightful events but they can also be stressful and very unhealthy for your children and the earth. With the stress on many parents these days to invite whole classes of children, to entertain, feed and send them home with a party bag, it is no wonder that we are left with […]


Mozart helps preemies gain weight

Premature babies must gain a certain amount of weight before they can leave hospital. Listening to Mozart could help, finds a new Middle East research study. Studies show that listening to music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the 18th century has a positive effect on the brain of developing babies. Now a new study […]


Ecomum Scratches Her Head From…Lice!

The kid’s got head lice, again? Ecomum offers her natural tips. Oh the joys of back to school, done with all the holidays (for now), found bliss in returning to a routine and actually drinking my tea while it’s still hot. Then being a mum and thinking this is just too good to be true […]


Taga's Chic, Slick, Inner City Ride, Kids Included

Taga’s “transformer” bike-stroller converts quickly to match the pace and space of urban living. But one Green Prophet reader asks: Where are those kids’ helmets? If you liked reading about Taga’s hybrid bike-stroller on Green Prophet, here’s an update: Urban parents are all too familiar with the hassles of driving and parking in the city. […]


Are Suburbs Making Israeli Kids Fat?

A study released last week shows that more than one in five Israeli schoolchildren is overweight. According to Haaretz, the towns Nahariya (37%), Bat Yam (34%), Or Yehuda (32.6%), Tira (31.1%) and Kalansawa (31%) lead the list. In the Hebrew edition of the same article, a health specialist chalks up the trend to the unsurprising […]


Dioxin and milk production

Scientists have long known that human breast milk is high in dioxins, environmental contaminants that enter our diets when we ingest agricultural pesticides and pollution from plastics. Researchers at the University of Rochester School of Medicine exposed pregnant mice to a dioxin known as TCDD. TCDD is one of a family of isomers known chemically […]


Green Lullaby Makes Recycled Dollhouses and Doll Cradles

Ecomum has already sung the praises of Israeli company Green Lullaby’s cardboard-made EcoCradle.  Made completely out of corrugated cardboard, this lightweight and easily assemblable cradle is a great eco friendly alternative to new, shiny wood or metal cribs and can be used for a baby’s first few months.  EcoCradles are completely recyclable, made mostly from […]


Ekoloko Gets Kids To Save A World

When was the last time you saved the world? Or motivated your kid or kid nephew to think about positive action for the environment’s sake? Now, there’s a challenge. Ekoloko, a new virtual world merges two great ideas –– saving the environment and gaming –– with one thing enterprising young Israelis are very good at: […]


The Greenhouse That Grows Kids Into Hothouse Flowers

Inspired by the Green Kindergarten initiative made by the Israeli government, I dug up this story I’d written earlier in the year on a unique environmental education center called The Greenhouse: Magical kingdoms and secret gardens don’t necessarily have to stay in the realm of fairy tales any more, proves an Israeli initiative – The […]


Katanchic Makes Chic Organic Clothes for Green Babies

Us Green Prophets believe that green education should start from a young age, and have already addressed ways that little ones can be eco conscious.  Sometimes it’s recycling competitions at schools, other times it’s reading environmentally conscious children’s books, and sometimes it’s about what these little ones are wearing. Eco-Mum has already sung the praises […]


Reuse It or Lose It: How to Make Puppets

In honor of international Earth Day, which was on April 22nd, we’ll be devoting a series of posts this week to Israeli ventures and businesses that make our consumption a little greener by reinventing used materials.  If we don’t reuse our resources we may lose them altogether, so these green heroes definitely deserve our attention […]


Eco-Mum on Mindful Parenting

One of the things that I am often talking about with people in my guise as an ecomum, is taking life just that little bit slower, not rushing from place to place with your kids, feeling that if you don’t move you are missing out on something. I am always encouraging the idea of just […]


Don't Pass Up on Eco Camp This Passover

The sun is out, flowers are in bloom, and it’s a great time of year for kids to be outdoors.  And if they’re going to be outdoors anyway, why not give them the gift of environmental appreciation?  Don’t pass up on the great eco camp offered by Yevulim Community Ecological Farm this Passover. Located in […]