The Most Effective PR Campaign in Israel's History: Protecting Wildflowers


During the celebrations for Israel’s 50th anniversary in 1998, Israel’s senior publicists were polled to name the most effective public relations campaign in Israel’s history. The winner? A 1965 campaign to publicize the new law prohibiting picking wildflowers. Until the law was passed, families and groups of schoolchildren, along with their teachers, picked flowers as […]

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Jordan Water Company Organized Water Festival for Kids, With a Focus on Conservation


Last week we heard about the Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna) going into private homes in Amman and installing water conservation devices, but now they’ve gone straight to Jordan’s youth. Aiming to raise children’s awareness of the importance of water conservation, the Jordan Water Company held its first ever children’s water festival in Amman last Tuesday.  […]

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Environmental Toxin Dioxin Affects Milk Production in Mice – What Does This Mean For Us Humans?


Scientists have long known that human breast milk is high in dioxins, environmental contaminants that enter our diets when we ingest agricultural pesticides. Researchers at the University of Rochester School of Medicine exposed pregnant mice to a dioxin known as TCDD. The results showed that TCDD “caused severe defects in mammary gland development and function. […]

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Green Lullaby Makes Recycled Dollhouses and Doll Cradles


Ecomum has already sung the praises of Israeli company Green Lullaby’s cardboard-made EcoCradle.  Made completely out of corrugated cardboard, this lightweight and easily assemblable cradle is a great eco friendly alternative to new, shiny wood or metal cribs and can be used for a baby’s first few months.  EcoCradles are completely recyclable, made mostly from […]

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Ekoloko Gets Kids To Save A World


When was the last time you saved the world? Or motivated your kid or kid nephew to think about positive action for the environment’s sake? Now, there’s a challenge. Ekoloko, a new virtual world merges two great ideas –– saving the environment and gaming –– with one thing enterprising young Israelis are very good at: […]

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Katanchic Makes Chic Organic Clothes for Green Babies


Us Green Prophets believe that green education should start from a young age, and have already addressed ways that little ones can be eco conscious.  Sometimes it’s recycling competitions at schools, other times it’s reading environmentally conscious children’s books, and sometimes it’s about what these little ones are wearing. Eco-Mum has already sung the praises […]

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