Bahrain Aims to Increase its Water Production by 33% – Within One Year


This desalination plant in Al-Hidd will be joined by additional facilities as Bahrain seeks to boost its water production. (Image via Aiming to meet its growing water needs, Bahrain is pursuing an ambitious plan to increase its production of desalinated water. The kingdom currently produces 142 million gallons of water a day. The first […]

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Durrat Al Bahrain Artificial Islands – "A Place Like No Other"


Too many artificial islands imperil endangered species, coral reefs, and humans too? If Bahrain’s endangered dugong and turtle populations had a voice, surely they would use it to cry out against the Durrat artificial islands.  The fishermen are shouting because they’re running out of fish.  Even members of parliament are grumbling that land reclamation renders […]

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Made-At-Home Cottage Industry Booming in Island Kingdom of Bahrain


Bahrain government supports initiatives to bring business back to the families. Defying globalization and thinking locally? Explore what’s happening in this Middle East island kingdom. Mohammed Jaffar is a 19-year-old street vendor in Muharraq, Bahrain, who sells a variety of locally grown greens and fruits. He is made popular among customers by local eggs produced […]

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