Qatar Establishing Gene Bank of Local Animals and Plants for Conservation


In a step towards preserve the wealth of its national animal and plant populations, Qatar will be setting up a gene bank of local species.  Dr. Sheikh Faleh bin Nasser Al Thani, the Director General for Research and Agricultural Development of Qatar’s Environmental Ministry, said that “Qatar has a precious legacy of flora and fauna […]

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Solar Energy Developers Find Themselves in Green Versus Green Debate Over Coyote Land


Coyote land or parking space for solar energy? Ask the coyotes first solar energy companies are finding out. Solar energy project promoters may not be paying attention to the ecological impacts of installing large solar panel installations in non-settled desert areas. This issue was brought up recently following the revealing of plans for companies like the […]

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A Deadly Scorpion Provides a Safe Pesticide


Scorpions deliver a powerful, paralyzing venom — a complex cocktail of poisonous peptides — that immobilize animal prey on the spot. Some of the toxins in this cocktail damage only insects, which is why a Tel Aviv University researcher is harnessing them to create a safe and ecologically sound pesticide. Prof. Michael Gurevitz of Tel […]

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Corals Feeding On Jellyfish: A Strategy To Deal With Climate Change?


Corals caught munching on jellyfish. Are they adapting to climate change? It would seem that jellyfish, often referred simply to as “jellies” wouldn’t have any problem floating around near patches of coral – unless that coral just happens to be a predatory species known as mushroom coral, or fingia scruposa in Latin. This unusual phenomenon […]

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Baby Crocodile Boards EgyptAir Flight


If until now you worried about carbon offsets for your international flights, you may want to add baby crocodiles to the list of concerns. On Friday, a foot-long croc was found scurrying down the aisles of an EgyptAir flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo. The Emirati paper The National reports that EgyptAir has claimed the […]

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Tips Against Jellyfish Invasion For Israel and Lebanon Coasts


With summer coming on, beach enthusiasts must now begin to be on the lookout for swarms of jellyfish, otherwise known as “meduzot.” The grey, blob-like masses appear every summer off the cost of Israel, Lebanon, and most other Mediterranean countries as well. In fact the hypothesized “introduced species” that came to the Mediterranean Sea after […]

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