Dubai Utility Doubles Business Electricity Rates in Three Years


You wouldn’t want to be responsible for keeping the lights on in buildings like these! In an attempt to reign in Dubai’s profligate fossil energy use, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has sharply raised rates for business customers who have failed to reduce their electricity consumption since 2008, Utilities-ME is reporting. Starting in January […]

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WikiLeaks: Former Aramco Head Warns US About Saudi’s Strained Oil Production


WikiLeaks show the Saudis overestimated their oil reserves by about 40% –  the US is worried. As the largest exporter of crude oil, Saudi Arabia has kept international oil prices reasonably steady. Until now. The recent instability in the region coupled with overambitious estimates and slowing production has cast serious doubt on the country’s ability […]

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How Israel Will Lead The Search For Oil Substitutes (And How The Rest Of The World Is Watching)


Desalination is considered one of Israel’s many genius innovations. That genius is now being applied to oil substitutes. Long considered leaders of R&D and Clean Technology, particularly in the fields of water desalination and solar energy technology, Israel has now set firm sights on leading the shift away from oil dependence. Between now and 2020, […]

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72% Efficient ZenithSolar Gets Demo Down Under


The Israeli firm ZenithSolar, which combines highly efficient solar electricity along with solar heating, is doing a demonstration in Australia. ZenithSolar’s first 16-unit project has been up and running successfully in Israel for a year at Kibbutz Yavne, making electricity to sell the grid, and hot water for its 230 residents, producing at peak production […]

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Clinton Lauds Masdar’s Renewable Energy Efforts, Is ‘Betting On The UAE’


Clinton’s visit came one week before Abu Dhabi hosts its annual World Future Energy Summit. Green Prophet has presented a number of negative assessments of Masdar and Abu Dhabi’s ambitious efforts to build a carbon-free city. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to have missed or dismissed these reports. During a visit to Masdar City […]

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Dubai’s RUBENIUS Invited by Mexico to Build 1 GW of Energy Storage on US Border


Dubai firm to build wind energy storage for Californian consumption? Mexico President Felipe Calderon announced last week at the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, that he intends to support a project by Dubai’s RUBENIUS to provide 1 gigawatt of energy storage in Baja California, that would be used to store wind power to be […]

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California’s Hara Could Cut a Staggering 12 Terawatt Hours of Energy Waste in Abu Dhabi


CA’s software solution, Hara, could to save billions in energy for Abu Dhabi. The national power company in Abu Dhabi has committed to find ways to drastically slash its energy use, using carbon accounting software made by California-based carbon accounting firm Hara, which makes software to measure existing energy use and carbon footprint, and to […]

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Sunpowered Cooling From Linum Picked by ARPA-E


Just in time for an overheating planet, Israeli solar thermal air conditioning company Linum Systems gets an audience with US clean tech investors Stealth start up Linum Systems, founded just last year by Yuval Berson and Amir Hirshfeld, and discovered here by our own Green Prophet in June, was the only Israeli company selected to […]

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California Desert Tortoises Will Be Relocated To Make Room For BrightSource Energy Plant


The California Energy Commission ruled that climate change and energy needs are more important than plants and tortoises. Confronting the joint need to protect biodiversity while expanding alternative energy projects, after three years of deliberation, a fourth BrightSource Energy Concentrated Solar Power Plant was approved by California’s Energy Commission. Impeding approval of the Israeli company’s […]

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