Scales, Impingement and Entrainment: Know Desalination’s Negative Side

Desalination’s negative environmental risks can outweigh the benefits, argues our environmental lawyer blogger Josh. Israel will quadruple its output of desalinated water by 2050, according to a report released by the country’s Water Authority Council. The government will also encourage construction of new desalination facilities on manmade islands. These measures will ensure a continuous stream […]

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Airlight Energy Brings CSP to Morocco from Switzerland


The world's fifth largest cement producer, with an annual production capacity of approximately 75 million tons of cement, Italcementi Group is pioneering a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant at the site of one of its cement plants - in Ait Baha, Morocco. The advanced use of CSP in MENA region industries is becoming more frequent as the oil age draws to a close.

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Next for MENA Nations: Desertec University


University degrees in renewable energy are among the practical first steps towards realizing the visionary desertec program. A new university degree program is being funded with more than 3 million euros by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, and additional support from the Kingdom of Morocco, and the Eu. RE-Generation MENA will initiate […]

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RAFAA Designs Next Generation Solar Tower for Bright Source Competition


Zurich-based RAFAA Architecture & Design propose the next generation of super sustainable solar power towers. An often overlooked component of the growing number of solar power plants popping up in Egypt, the United States, Spain, and elsewhere is that someone was responsible for their design. Bright Source Energy recently solicited proposals from international firms for […]

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BrightSource Applies to Build Two More Solar Thermal Plants in California


BrightSource Energy keeps plunging forward with its solar ambitions! BrightSource Energy may well be one of the most indefatigable companies on earth. After 20 years of solar dormancy brought about by cheap oil prices, what was once Luz International rose from the ashes to pursue development of the world’s largest solar thermal plant in California. […]

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Inspiring Qatari Man Designs Solar Generator For High-End Desert Camps


After watching a sobering documentary about global warming, Hashim Al Sada has devoted his career to developing solar powered solutions for Qatar. If you can’t beat ’em, do you join ’em or redirect the game? Qatari desert camps are often equipped with a variety of electronics, including refrigerators, air-conditioning units (check out these Dead Sea […]

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Japan’s Pre-Fukushima Solar Aid for Egypt Proceeds


Despite problems confronted on its own soil, Japan proceeds with its commitment to fund a photovoltaic project in Egypt. Japan’s International Cooperation Agency (JICA) announced that it will proceed with plans to support a solar energy generating station south of Alexandria. Egypt applied to the aid agency for assistance with the “Project for the Introduction […]

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Brilliant Biomass Stoves And Sleek Solar Heaters At Project Lebanon 2011


Who says the Middle East can’t be sustainable? Project Lebanon has it all: minced biofuels, wind turbines, outdoor solar lights and more. All kinds of cool cleantech innovations geared specifically towards the Middle East and Egypt will be on display at Project Lebanon 2011. Today is the opening day of the International Construction and Environmental […]

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Google’s Largest Investment Goes To BrightSource Energy

Google Invests $168 million in BrightSource Energy’s Ivanpah Solar Energy Generating System Google has announced that it will invest $168 million in BrightSource Energy’s Solar Energy Generating System in the Mohave desert. Following a series of fits and starts dictated by the energy politics du jour, the world’s largest solar power plant finally broke ground […]

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“Union for the Mediterranean” Creates Four Steps Enacting Solar Plan


Several Mediterranean countries are hatching a joint plan to bring 20GW of renewable energy on board by 2020. In July, 2008, several Mediterranean countries came together in Paris, where they hatched a plan to coordinate renewable energy generation and energy efficiency initiatives. At the end of last year, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) resolved […]

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Hydropower Could Meet More Of Turkey’s Energy Demand — But At What Cost?


A planned dam in southeastern Turkey would submerge Hasankeyf’s 10,000-year-old cultural relics and displace 50,000 people from the region. How many kilowatt hours is that worth? Electric energy demand in Turkey is projected to more than double over the next decade, to approximately 450 billlion kilowatt-hours. Traditional sources of power, such as coal- and natural […]

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Sharjah Students Win Prestigious Award For Making Renewable Energy From Noise


These four gentlemen are developing piezoelectric technology that harvests power from noise. While some researchers wrack their brain over how to make solar energy more affordable, or to extract energy from a ruthless ocean, four students from the American University of Sharjah are testing a more benign kind of renewable energy. They have developed a […]

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Cooking With Sheep Manure In South Hebron


Yair Teller is one Arava Institute alumni who is improving quality of life for Palestinians living in Susya, South Hebron. Despite the relative luxury of Tel Aviv and parts of Jerusalem, many people throughout Israel and the Palestinian territories continue to eek out a meager living with no access to basic amenities such as water, […]

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Interview With Dubai’s Most Innovative Design Couple


Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian working in their Abu Dhabi Studied Impact Design studio. Robert Ferry and Elizabeth Monoian have made the United Arab Emirates their home, for which we are very grateful. Their teachings, their design studio Studied Impact, and their public initiatives such as the internationally-acclaimed Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) have coincided […]

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GM Hydrogen Hy-Wire and Sequel Cars Could Power Our Future


The Sequel: A hydrogen-electric hybrid who’s time may soon come General Motors, whose Chevrolet Volt electric hybrid is now beginning to roll into Chevy dealerships across America, is also in involved in innovating some very interesting transportation concepts. Two of these concepts involve using hydrogen powered fuel cells to provide electricity for one or more […]

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