Who can apply for a business line of credit?

Building an eco business is one thing like the guys above from Havie have done. But dealing with the business and structuring it in line with your values, is another. Maybe you are working on microfinancing, or donations but most untraditional or novel businesses stll have to think traditionally when it comes to the bottom […]


How going green can benefit your small business

In recent years, discussions about global warming and the potential impact it can have on the planet have led to a number of changes being made in the world of small business. These days, many small business owners are passionate about reducing the environmental impact they have. Not only will going green help the environment, […]


Is the entertainment industry eco-friendly?

When seen from above – especially at night – Las Vegas is the city of light. Its massive entertainment areas are constantly flooded in the light of countless LEDs and neon signs, providing its millions of visitors with a constant flood of artificial sunlight. “Green” is the keyword for most of its venues today – […]


Swap Society offers treasures, diverts trash

Clothing swap and resale businesses allow you to shed formerly favorite clothes and accessories and – in exchange – refill your wardrobe with affordable “new” treasures. They offer an environmentally responsible alternative to dumping old duds into a charity box or trash can. Want to change up your wardrobe without damaging your wallet and the world? Check […]