Is Margarine Your Best Choice?

Is toast with Margarine and honey part of your routine? Well maybe you should consider taking away just one small ingredient. In today’s day and age we have many choices available to us as we make out way through supermarket aisles; which brand to choose, which size, which flavour and which one is the healthiest. […]

6 Tips to Cutting Down Stress

Does it sometimes feel like you are constantly racing, while life passes by in a blur? There are natural ways to avoid this stress. Image via Stig Nygaard Rising blood pressure, muscular tension, fraying nerves, trouble sleeping and killer migraines, does this sound like your life? Well, stress is a killer and in today’s modern […]


Tips to consider before buying beauty products

Ever look in the mirror and wonder what exactly was in those products you are slathering on your skin? Image via antkriz Part of most women’s morning regime involves walking into the bathroom, looking into the vanity mirror and trying to figure out how to minimise her so-called defects and play up her best features. […]


5 Good Reasons to Eat Watermelon this Summer

Just can’t wait to get your hands on some watermelon this summer? Well all for good reason. Image via dreamglow pumpkincat210 Summer is here, we are all melting in the heat and humidity of the Middle East, with our skin drying up so one of the main things on everyone’s mind is cooling down. And […]


Three "Natural" Masks and Cleaners For Soothing Summer Skin

Does your skin sometimes feel as cracked and scaly as this? Well there are some natural “mask” solutions, naturally. Image via If you pay attention to the ingredients of your skin products, you will realize that you are buying something twice the ordinary price because it is especially designed for summer. Then there are […]


4 Tips for Relieving Migraines Naturally

Ever felt a vice-grip was the only solution to your migraine? Well, there are other natural options out there. Image via Migraine Chick In today’s day and age, we push ourselves in our stressful lives, barely allowing ourselves a moment’s respite. So the body naturally rebels at this abuse and sends us the mother of […]

Cloves In and Out of the Kitchen

Meeting an emperor or a sheikh? Here you have a great herb, with medicinal uses beyond the kitchen! Image via elenadan Spices are so versatile, if you have a look around your kitchen, you will find many spices have more than a simple culinary use. One of these amazing spices is cloves, and while you […]


4 Unique Aloe Vera Juice Recipes for Summer and Health

This common potted plant can now become part of your daily diet. Naomi offers 4 recipes for taking advantage of this healthful plant, which offers more than just sunburn relief. Image via odetothebigsea Growing up, my mother was always interested in natural remedies to mild health issues, whether it was burns, cuts or the flu. […]

Henna – A Natural New Hair Hue for Summer

Who would have thought that nature could provide such vivid hues? Here you see the strength of “redbeard” henna. Since the dawn of time, people have been finding ways to improve, change and diversify their appearance for cultural and personal reasons. These methods of beautifying yourself are just as diverse as they are natural and […]


Carrots – A Colourful History From Purple to Orange

Originating in ancient Egypt, carrots didn’t start out so orange. Can you imagine how Bugs Bunny would look chomping down on one of these? When you think of carrots what is the first thing that comes to mind? One thing is for sure, you don’t think “Gee, you mean that long purple vegetable.”  Well here’s […]


Aloe Vera – A Prickly Plant with Pizzazz

Some Aloe Vera gelato I saw in Milan…but I wasn’t brave enough to taste it! You’ve heard of aloe vera gel, aloe vera cream, but have you ever head of aloe vera ice cream? Well maybe the Italians have got it right with this uniquely flavoured gelato, since the health benefits and general uses of […]


Summer Help When Hair + Humidity = Frizz

The humidity of the Middle East can result in a six month stretch of “bad hair day”. But help is on the way, naturally. Image via Perfecto Insecto When I think of summer, one of the first ideas that pops into my head is the beach, followed very closely by the thought “Oh no, but […]


The Healing Powers of Honey

Good for a sore throat, your hair and lowering cholesterol, the ancient honeycomb shows it can also improve your complexion. “Eat the crusts, it will make your hair curly!”, “Add some honey to your tea instead of sugar, it will help your throat!” Well after years of eating bread crusts, my hair is somewhere between […]