Helping Turkish Wildlife Cross the Road

Turkey’s Environment & Forestry minister has demanded that the state highway construction agency build “green bridge” crossings for wildlife. Although the country’s environmental policy is rather bleak overall, with the prime minister vowing to continue building a nuclear reactor on a fault line in the southern region of Akkuyu, and the country’s clean energy program […]

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Al Gore Talks Turkish Climate Policy

Turkey has a critical role to play in a clean energy future, says former vice president Al Gore. But when is it going to start taking that role seriously? The unusual political identity of Turkey — a stable, democratic, Islamic country — serves as inspiration for democratic reformers in the Arab world. Its government is […]

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“Anatolia Won’t Be Blackened” Declare Turkish Anti-Fossil Fuel Groups


Not in my backyard: groups across Turkey unite against pollution from fossil fuel power plants. Over the past few decades, dozens of local environmental groups have sprouted across Turkey, united by a single goal: dissuading the government from allowing energy companies to build fossil-fuel-fired power plants near their homes. In the Marmara Sea resort region […]

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