Tiny Nation With Expertize in Rising From the Ashes of War Gives Help to Palestine


The Japanese International Cooperation Agency is finalizing “a corridor for peace and prosperity”so the PA can bypass exports via  Jordan. Solar power is in the plan. Japan is funding the creation of a $100 million 111.5 hectare agricultural-cum-industrial park near the ancient Palestinian city of Jericho. About $5 million of this amount is to go […]

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Israeli Farmers Protest Lack of Imported Farm Help by Withholding Local Produce


Which is a bigger environmental sin – imported produce or imported farmers? For the past few days Israeli farmers have been protesting a governmental decision to cut the amount of foreign workers legally permitted to come work in the agricultural sector, with the demonstration planned to continue tomorrow as well.  The growers have been demonstrating […]

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LycoRed Makes Vegetarian Omega 3 For Your Candy


Getting your sustainable, vegetarian Omega 3 supplements is easy when they’re hidden inside delicious confections. Getting kids to take their vitamins can be tough, which is why kids’ vitamins conveniently come in all kinds of fun shapes, colors, and flavors.  I was a Flintstone vitamin kid myself, but I had friends who took vitamins disguised […]

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Local Eggs, Industrial Eggs, and Salmonella


The recent salmonella outbreak in the U.S. provoked a debate: are local eggs really safer than eggs from industrial farms? Over this past summer, half a billion eggs were recalled in the U.S. due to salmonella contamination. Salmonella, a debilitating and potentially life-threatening illness, is caused by the salmonella enteriditis bacteria.  The eggs came from […]

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Put Some SPF On Your Plate


A diet of Turkish salads can protect you from the sun, within. We all want that “hot” summer glow that comes from a day at the beach, but taking in the rays can have long-term implications for our health. Now in a study recently published in Nutrition Reviews, Dr. Niva Shapira from Tel Aviv University […]

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500 Tonne Food Waste Undermines Holy Month Of Ramadan


Officials in Abu Dhabi launched the “Think before you waste” campaign to help prevent food from piling up in landfills during Ramadan While Muslims are encouraged to internalize the principles of charity throughout their lives, during the ninth month of Ramadan, this philosophy is kicked into overdrive. Muslims demonstrate with even more intensity their devotion […]

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5 Countries To Save the Caspian Sea’s Caviar


Caspian Day in 5 countries draws attention to the sea’s environmental woes, including a plunging sturgeon population What better way to start the weekend than with a delicious new recipe and a slice of geological perspective? The Tethys ocean, that ancient hydrological bridge that connected the Pacific and Atlantic oceans 50 million years ago, receded. […]

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Abu Dhabi Chef Removes Threatened Fish From Menu


Executive Chef Olivier Loreaux takes fishy matters into his own hands by replacing the threatened hammour with more sustainable varieties The struggle to preserve our threatened fish populations, such as the bluefin tuna, is complicated. On the one hand, they are an important source of protein for humans, as well as a source of income […]

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Honey Is Bittersweet In The Middle East


The Honey Council, Hive Thievery and Bee Ecology education in Arabic:  In Israel and Lebanon, honey is both a problem and a solution. Image via orinrobertjohn Archeologists have uncovered beehives in northern Israel that date back 3 000 years.  A courtyard in the  ancient city of Rehov was home to bees producing honey in at least […]

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Join the Betacup Competition. Win $10,000 for Sustainable Coffee Cup Design


Betacup competition urges global participants to find a sustainable alternative to the wasteful, ubiquitous coffee cup. [image via: JcOlivera] Even environmentalists with the best of intentions might struggle with always remembering to bring their reusable coffee cup from home.  You know how it is – you leave home in a hurry in the morning, really […]

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Greenpeace Mediterranean Demands that Nestle-Osem Give the Orangutans and Rainforests a Break


Greenpeace activists won’t give Nestle-Osem a break. They say that the Indonesian rainforests and orangutans are more important than Kit Kat bars. Greenpeace activists and protesters stormed the central production factory of Nestle-Osem in Shoham, Israel today as part of a global campaign urging Nestle to stop sourcing its palm oil from Sinarmas.  Sinarmas, unfortunately, […]

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