Ohalo College of Katzrin Opens Department of Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy


Ohalo College of Katzrin brings sustainable development studies into the ivory tower. The world of academia and environmental activism do not always go hand in hand, and academics are notorious for their detachment from the real world.  But some universities and colleges are an exception to this generalization.  In fact, Tel Aviv University held a […]

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Egyptian Govt Cracks Down On Illegal Red Sea Development


Does new crackdown demonstrate a gradual shift in Egyptian environmental policy? The Red Sea Governorate is cracking down on illegal, unsustainable development in Hurghada, Egypt, where 200,000 citizens are custodians of one of the earth’s most unique marine ecosystems. Though challenges to its coral reef system and overall health are numerous – including tourism and […]

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UN World Development Information Day Conference Takes Place in Israel for the First Time


For the very first time, UN World Development Information Day was observed by a conference in Israel. Since 1972, the United Nations has observed World Development Information Day every year on October 24th (which coincides with United Nations Day).  The goal of this day is to concentrate global public opinion on international development problems and […]

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Interview: Melissa Sterry And The City That Loves Floods


A 21st Century Bionic Pioneer, Melissa Sterry talks to Green Prophet about built environments that embrace the volatile new world order. Melissa Sterry makes our spooky future full of increased flooding, stronger hurricanes, and severe drought look like a playground. By applying Resilience Theory, Biomimicry, and Living Architecture principles to every aspect of building, she […]

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Mey & Boaz Kahn’s “ecooler” Beats The Middle Eastern Heat


Israeli design couple Mey and Boaz Kahn create the coolest network of hollow tiles based on two ancient Middle Eastern heat-beating concepts. The Hebrew language demonstrates the extent to which ancient Jews valued or, more accurately, revered nature for its life-giving properties. My favorite example of this sacred interconnectedness is the word for rain, which […]

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General Electric CEO’s Incomplete Blueprint For MENA’s Future


GE’s Nabil Habayeb connects growth and sustainability without a second thought. Is that still the best model? General Electric has long maintained a presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In addition to setting up an Ecomagination headquarters at Masdar City, GE has recently helped connect Turkey’s electricity backbone to Europe through smart […]

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Will OECD Conf. Compel Israel To Solve Dead Sea Problem?


Before calling its tourism industry sustainable, Israel should first solve its Dead Sea problem. When Israel was invited to join the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) earlier this year, dissident voices condemned the move, citing its dubious human rights record. Israel’s contribution to science and technology sealed its inclusion in this elite group […]

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“Earth Day Network” President Kathleen Rogers Defines “The New Environmentalist”


Kathleen Rogers and the world wide web have revolutionized citizen environmental activism. Since 1970, Earth Day has pivoted grassroots environmental activism in a powerful way, uniting the global community with global concerns. Numerous other campaigns have also emerged, providing untold opportunities for ordinary citizens to voice their insistence on a cleaner, safer, and saner future. […]

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“Mayslits Kassif Architecture” Takes Coveted European Landscape Architecture Award for Tel Aviv Port


For the first time in history, Israeli architects who designed Tel Aviv’s Port took best design at the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture Awards. The port of Tel Aviv had been an abandoned concrete pile for years before Mayslits Kassif Architecture turned it into one of the most hopping spots in Israel’s seaside city. Every […]

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Rawabi: Palestine’s Greenest City, or Greenest Wash?


Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry threatens to enforce their will in Palestinian territory, where the plans for Rawabi are not as green as Palestinian/Qatari developers profess. Israel’s excess extraction from the Jordan River (as well as other factors) could soon kill it altogether with serious ramifications for Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians. There is no question that one […]

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Abu Dhabi Building To Achieve All Five Green Building “Pearls”


The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority paves the way for sustainable building in the increasingly “green” emirate. Although green building codes have existed in the United States, Australia and elsewhere for a while, the same phenomenon has only recently been adopted in the Middle East. Israel’s first eco-tower aspires to incorporate, and Intel has already achieved […]

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