5 Cool No-Cook Recipes For Summer Dining

Need to put a good meal together but it’s too hot to cook? Here’s an easy menu for those hot-weather meals. Knowing that hot days are still ahead, the wise cook organizes a plan for dishes that take only minutes to prepare, yet satisfy those fickle summer appetites. First, take a look in your refrigerator. […]


5 Great Summer Treats from the Middle East

Rich spices and heavy wintertime comfort food: this is what often springs to mind when people think of recipes from the Middle East and North Africa. But with temperatures in parts of the region rising to 50 degrees Celsius in the shade, who wants to eat rich dishes that end in a food coma? Not […]


Ten Tips for Keeping Your Food Safe This Summer

Food spoils quickly in the heat and releases harmful methane gases. Hannah provides 10 green tips for keeping your food safe. Summer is coming to a close in some parts of the world, but here in the Middle East we’ve yet to see a break from soaring temperatures. But people and animals aren’t the only […]