Historical Greek Orphanage Will Become Environmental Foundation


Patriarch Bartholomew I, of the Istanbul-based Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate, stands outside the rundown former orphanage. Atop the highest hill on Büyükada (“Big Island” in Turkish), the largest of the picturesque “Princes Islands” in the Marmara Sea off the coast of Istanbul, stands a sprawling, abandoned structure rumored to be the largest  wooden building in […]

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Interfaith Eco-Conference Reveals Need To Educate Religious Leaders


Miriam found much good will but only dawning eco-awareness in Israel’s religious leadership. “I came today, not to say anything new – but to learn.” So the Greek Orthodox Archbishop, Dr. Elias Chacour, began the Interfaith Climate and Energy Conference that took place yesterday, March 19, in Jerusalem. The conference was organized by the Interfaith […]

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Christians Take on Carbon Fast for Lent


Among other eco-conscious Church leaders, the Archbishop of York has gone vegan and  fair-trade for the duration of Lent. Lent, the pre-Easter season of reflection and self-examination, began this year on February 22nd and finishes on Saturday, April 3rd. Believing Christians set aside time for prayer and religious acts. One  Lenten tradition is strengthening self-discipline […]

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The Sukkah and The Clouds of Glory


Ever wonder how the ancient Jews lived during their 40 years of wandering in the desert? When the Jews left Egypt, God commanded that they wander in the desert until the original slave generation had died out, leaving mature younger people with the free man’s mentality. Making and breaking camp often, circling the arid Sinai desert […]

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Interfaith Climate Change Forum to Take Place Today in Jerusalem


Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders are meeting today in Jerusalem to discuss climate change and launch the new Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development. Leaders of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths will be convening this morning in Jerusalem to speak out about climate change at an Interfaith Climate Change Forum.  Current environmental conditions in the […]

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The Holy Land Puts Its Faith In Climate Action


The Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land, which includes Palestinian and Israeli religious organisations, has officially recognized global warming and need for action Whilst the major world religions can boast some great green principles at their core such as moderation, limiting waste and caring for nature, they have been rather slow to acknowledge […]

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Help Save The World’s First Green Synagogue


Help save the world’s first green synagogue which is currently under threat of closing down due to financial difficulties Here at Green Prophet, nothing makes us happier than when faith embraces green ethics. From anti-consumerist Ramadans, eco Passovers and Purims to celebrating the Persian autumn festival, there really is something that everyone of faith can […]

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