Nat Geo Goes On Tour, Through The UAE

National Geographic “isn’t just about animals”: that’s the message the Editor-in-Chief of the Arabic version intends to convey. National Geographic Magazine is one of the most exciting magazines on the planet. With 50 million monthly readers, its commitment to conservation, culture, and science is virtually unparalleled. To date, the National Geographic Society has awarded 9,000 […]


Oil Exploration In Iran’s Little Africa?

Is nothing holy anymore? The Iranian Government rubber stamps oil exploration in the country’s most important national park. The Iranian government has decided to start an oil exploration project in a national park in Kavir National Park in the Semnan province, south east of Tehran. The opponents of the project, from  the Iranian Environmental Organization, […]


Art and Spirituality: The Antidote to Bigger, Better, More

Gentle artists and prophets inspired by nature offer a cure against environmental destruction This post takes its inspiration from two different stories. One by Mike Shanahan, an environmental journalist whose work we admire, and another published in Al MasryAlyoum. The first proposes that incorporating religious principles into our daily lives will heal our relationship with […]


When Abu Dhabi Art Meets Sand, Sun, and Sky

Glass art installation in Abu Dhabi generates inspiration and energy in one fell swoop Studied Impact in Abu Dhabi came to our attention when they publicized a power plant they designed that doubles as a residence. The firm comprises a dynamic couple, architect and artist, who merge their environmental concern with creativity in very interesting […]

Record Hot Summer Ignites Forest Fires in Iran

At the end of July, the hot Middle East summer caused  forests around the city of Doroud in Western Iran to ignite in a blazing fire. After about one day, some news agencies published news about burn of 500 hectares (5,000 square kilometers) of the forest. Later governmental authorities announced that the correct information is […]


Kamil Crater Discovered in Egypt

One of the most pristine crater sites in the world, Kamil teaches us to respect nature’s superiority over our lives. With its wealth of whale fossils trapped within what was once the Tethys sea, and the River Nile, now subdued but previously an angry god that rose and fell at will, affecting millions of people, […]


Tafline Laylin: From Tour Guide To Green Prophet

Loving wild places gives us the impetus to protect them Before I started writing about green building and eco-tourism in Israel and the Middle East, I was a tour guide in North America.  For three years I taught foreigners about camping, ecology, geography, and history in National Parks throughout the lower 48, Alaska, and Canada.  […]


Human Coconut Waste Becomes Perfect Abode for Octopus

In this Dec. 10, 2009 photo taken near Indonesia and released by Museum Victoria, a veined octopus, Amphioctopus marginatus, hides in a coconut shell. Photo: AP Not long ago Green Prophet reported strange activity of corals eating large jellyfish, as a possible response to global climate change. A team of young Israeli scientists got the […]


Ancient Kabbalah Recipe New Vitamin to Fight Cancer?

Dr. Fuad Fares has a huge secret. It’s big enough to make sure his laboratory is locked tight when he’s not there. The Israeli scientist has been looking into the potency of ancient herbal treatments, and has discovered what he believes is a new family of antioxidants. He’s tested the secret compound based on an […]


Photo: Sandstorm Strikes Israel

I remember the day when it rolled in early in May, or hit us rather, like a wall. Sandstorms are common in Israel and the Middle East. This awesome force of nature is best witnessed by this aerial photo taken by Yonatan Zur. We wonder if these kind of events will increase with climate change? […]


We Come From Comets, Finds New Icy Research

(A picture taken by NASA of McNaught comet in Australia) Comets have always fascinated us. A mysterious appearance could symbolize God’s displeasure or mean a sure failure in battle, at least for one side. Now Tel Aviv University justifies our fascination — comets might have provided the elements for the emergence of life on our […]