Revolution in Egypt May Cut Off Natural Gas to Israel

A bad end to the Egyptian crises could mean an end to natural gas exports to Israel As if the ongoing, and increasingly  violent wave of anti-Egyptian President Husni Mubarak protests aren’t enough to cause worries about regional energy cooperation, a takeover by Muslim extremists in Egypt could spell an end to natural gas supplies […]


Israeli Public Battles Over Natural Gas Bounty

A government panel proposes a new tax regime for energy profits, cheering social activists and angering explorers. Israel’s social activists and its energy barons drew their swords on Thursday as the fight over who will get what share of Israel’s natural gas windfall got underway. The lines of battle were laid out by a government […]


A Black Smog-Craft Chokes Cairo’s Skies

Trapped air and burning rice waste turns Cairo’s already sullied skies black during “Black Cloud Season” Not long ago I took a trip to the Mediterranean Sea and was appalled that from Cairo’s city center, in the Nile river, to well beyond the pyramids of Giza lie mounting heaps of trash: litter on the side […]


Egyptian Energy Crisis Sends Protesters to the Streets

Unstable power…Egyptians activists blame their poor governmental planning for power cuts that have disrupted Ramadan. The Egyptian government has announced its intention to continue decreasing electric output pending the end of a heat-wave which saw temperatures climb to 40 degrees Celsius. Government spokesman Magdi Radi announced that an “emergency plan” prepared by the government would […]


Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Green Hi-Rises and 7 More Headlines

Tel Aviv’s first green hi-rise, Ohio-Israel partnership, Volkswagon and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. Image via [nivs]. During the week of July 20, 2010, “wind prediction” company, Pentalum raised $9 million. Tensions between Israel and Lebanon over natural gas in the Mediterranean heated up and Rosetta Green and Seambiotic are partnering […]

Natural Gas "War" Between Israel and Lebanon Could Lead to a "Drill Race"

Hezbollah’s stake in the “cleaner” natural gas wells at sea expose “government inefficiency, incompetence and corruption and the lack of adequate services in transportation, water, education, health.” Israel’s northern neighbor is scrambling to set up a legal basis to challenge the Jewish state’s discovery of a gigantic natural-gas reservoir in the Eastern Mediterranean. Lebanese leaders […]


Energy Giant BP Signs Gas Deal With Egyptian Government

Is the Mediterranean Sea fated to end up like the Gulf of Mexico? Like a giant herd of marauding elephants pounding through the forest, BP destroys everything in its wake. Despite the international outcry against one of the world’s worst human-induced environmental disasters, the Deepwater Horizon spill that leaked 92 million barrels of oil into […]


Solar Energy is Israel's Best Energy Bet

Israel is one of the leading countries involved in a number of alternative and renewable energy projects, which even include making bio fuels from algae and splitting hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water to produce hydrogen fuel, one of most abundant fuel sources in the universe.  But despite these and other methods o f producing energy […]


Powerful 150hp Natural Gas Sedan From Iran

Iran Khodro, a Peugeot partner for producing its line of  405 and 206D sedans, announced the production of what it claims is the world’s most powerful natural gas engine at 150 hp.  The engine runs on compressed natural gas (CNG), and is supposed to comply with the EURO 4 emission standards.  It will first be installed in the Samand […]