The ultimate side dish: 8 ways to eat tahini

If you’ve got a jar of tahini going stale in the fridge, you’re missing out on all kinds of delicious flavor combinations that can make your meals special. As earthy as tahini is (or as we say in the Middle East, techinah) the semi-solid paste brightens up with lemon, garlic, herbs and spices. It’s great as […]


Moroccan stuffed potatoes are called mafroum

Mafroum potatoes melt in your mouth and fill your senses with truly Middle Eastern flavors. A festive dish, mafroum is one of those foods that reminds me of Moroccan grandmothers who bustle into the kitchen, don an apron, and lovingly conjure delicious food out of vegetables and meat fresh from the shouk.And one of the […]


Mechouia, Grilled Vegetable Salad RECIPE

Tunisian flavors come together deliciously in a salad of charred, chopped vegetables. Tunisian food features dishes based on simple ingredients dressed in plenty of heat and spice. Mechouia salad is typical of this sunny cuisine, like Shakshukah. Hard-boiled eggs offset chilies and make mechouia a filling vegetarian dish. To capture this salad’s most authentic flavor, […]


Syrian Mint Lemonade

Called polo in Syria, try this refreshing Middle East mint lemonade to beat the heat. Like our cooling vegan cold almond milk and Turkish aryan yogurt drink, this herbal lemonade cools the body and soothes heated spirits.And it’s not only good, it’s good for you. Mint is packed with vitamin C, which helps you withstand […]


Saudi Arabian Bukhari Rice (Vegewarian RECIPE)

What’s vegewarian? It means reducing the amount of meat you eat every week, celebrating delicious food and sustainability with vegetable-based dishes. This week we bring you Ruz Bukhari, a traditional and well-loved Arabic dish. Pilgrims from Uzbekistan brought Ruz Bukhari with them long ago, as they traveled to Mecca and Medina. We’re sure they traveled […]


Vegewarian Herbel, Moroccan Wheat Soup RECIPE

Eat breakfast the way a Moroccan grandmother might make it with this milky, slow-cooked wheat soup. Vegewarian (vegetarian- aware recipes like these) offer you an alternative to meat-based food. Here’s one for this week which brings Morocco into the kitchen. Home cooks in Morocco make a variety of  cereal-based soups and porridge from millet, barley […]


Almond Torte With Pomegranate Molasses

This elegant cake has a rich note of the Middle East in its very local ingredients. Vegewarian means choosing more non-meat options in your overall diet. I propose to add: let’s round this philosophy out out to include healthier options all around. For example, we don’t want to give sweet things up altogether, but let’s […]


RECIPE: Cousa Mahshi, Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini

A specialty of the Middle East, stuffed zukes are favorites with young and old. In a Tel Aviv supermarket, I watched a mother soothing her tired, hungry little boy. “Just another few minutes, and then we’ll go to Grandmother’s house for lunch!” The little boy sniffled, looked up, and asked, “Are there going to be […]


Israeli Chef Yotam Ottolenghi Brings Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine to London

[youtube][/youtube] “Vegetarian option” doesn’t have to be a dirty word when using one of Yotam Ottolenghi’s luscious Mediterranean vegetarian recipes. For a nation most culinarily associated with fish and chips or shepherd’s pie, a vegetarian food option may not be the most appealing to the English.  British-born celebs such as Paul McCartney might be promoting […]


10 Ways to Eat Lentils

What’s tasty and vegetarian today? Why, lentils. Of course. I once saw a weight-loss article that began with one word: “Lentils.” I had to smile, but must say I agree. At 230 calories (cooked) per cup, full of protein and dietary fiber, they’re a natural for weight watchers. But for anyone who likes to eat […]


Middle-Eastern Noodles with Lentils Recipe

A fine Mideast winter dish with protein-rich lentils and comforting noodles. According to author of The Book of Middle Eastern Food Claudia Rodin, flour noodles have been known here since ancient times and owe nothing to Italian pasta recipes. It’s pasta all the same, but known in the Middle East as rishta, from the Persian […]