Artocos: Architectural “Musical” Activism in Dubai

Dubai’s designers protest a planned development project with this musical power plant If we continue to usurp every inch of undeveloped land in order to protect consumption, we will likewise destroy the very biodiversity upon which all life depends. Everything matters: that blade of grass? It’s someone’s food. Those bobble-eyed frogs? They get eaten too. […]

6 Ideas For Eating Well With Leftovers

You’ll eat well and save money by changing the way you look at holiday leftovers. This time of year is a time of intense food activity. For Jews, the High Holidays are taking off with symbolic foods called Simanim, and for Arabs, Ramadan just came to a close (have a look at the lively, vegan […]


Canadian Man Revolutionizes Sharjah, UAE With Recycling

Despite being a very conservative district, Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates has invested in recycling, revolutionizing how the emirate treats its trash In some parts of the United Arab Emirates, attitudes towards the environment are moldy and overgrown with ignorance. The daily feasts during Ramadan produced extraordinary food waste, and artificial islands continue to […]


Nursing in the Middle East

A How to avoid common pitfalls that undermine breastfeeding in the Islamic world. Dr. Modia Batterjee, the author of A Fading Art: Understanding Breastfeeding in the Middle East, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with a private clinic, and has a masters degree in public health. As such, she is able to understand both […]


Swab A Frog For Good Health – But Not At Home

UAE scientists have found that chemicals on frog skin can produce antibiotics for otherwise resistant “superbugs” Frogs eat annoying, disease-carrying mosquitoes that we’re so eager to get rid of, as well as other insects and pests, and despite being a tasty snack for various omnivores, including humans, have survived 300 million years of earth’s onslaughts. […]


One State. One Environment

As peace talks resume, can environmental issues create bridges and links between opposing sides? JERUSALEM – Every few years, the idea of establishing one state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea rises and falls like a phoenix; a dream of a state where both Palestinians and Israelis live in peace with no borders, […]


UAE Scholars And Imams Speak Up For The Environment

Littering and lack of moderation violates important Islamic tenants, according to prominent scholars With businesses in the UAE slowly beginning to take the environment message seriously, it seems that  scholars and imams are now doing the same. During a Ramadan seminar titled ‘Islam and Environment’ organised by the Emirates Environmental Group, the renowned Islamic scholar […]


Your Pee Could Power Ecobot III

Bristol scientists hope to build an autonomous robot that runs by digesting energy-rich waste products As we begin to consider alternative sources of energy for the Middle East, where even oil-rich Saudi is developing its solar sector, diversifying our portfolio will take pressure off any one source and generate further safety nets. Technology developed for […]


Marilyn Monroe And “The Salon of Beauty” In Dubai

Palm Jumeirah Island room with a view, for “only” $200 a day Last year, at the peak of Dubai’s economic crisis, there was a massive expatriate exodus. Fearing debtors jail, many foreigners with unpaid bank loans abandoned their cars at Dubai’s airport parking lot. The New York Times described a policy of silence that forbade […]


Saudi’s Long Love Of Wealth Exhibited At The Louvre

The Louvre exhibition demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s historical influence on the Middle East region; can they spread a clean energy agenda too? When we think of Saudi Arabia, we think of oil, robed men, Mecca, and more oil. Certainly there’s an abundant supply of it, though, like in Egypt, the country experienced power shortages this summer […]


Oman’s Noor Majan builds electric car

April fool’s in Oman in August? The mystery Omani EV is purportedly going to run 2,250 miles on one charge. This may be just another Gulf State far-fetched innovation, like the white gold, biofuel-running Mercedes Benz in Abu Dhabi: Mr. Sultan bin Hamad al-Amri, CEO of Oman’s Noor Majan is promoting what will be the Middle […]


Gone Seabass Fishing…In Egypt’s Desert

Digging for freshwater, Wadi Holdings found salt water instead; two years later, and  their Seabass farm in the desert is roaring Anyone with an untrained eye entering a desert environment would see a vast expanse of virtual nothingness: only the occasional sandstorm or a stray herd of camels sauntering by might break the blank horizon, […]


When Abu Dhabi Art Meets Sand, Sun, and Sky

Glass art installation in Abu Dhabi generates inspiration and energy in one fell swoop Studied Impact in Abu Dhabi came to our attention when they publicized a power plant they designed that doubles as a residence. The firm comprises a dynamic couple, architect and artist, who merge their environmental concern with creativity in very interesting […]


Using A Mosquito’s Best Defense Against It

An Israeli team is the first to succeed in identifying one of the chemicals used by thousands of prey species to avoid their predators. Inspired by the follow-up book Since Silent Spring, Prof. Leon Blaustein felt driven to find environmentally compatible solutions for combating insect pests. Not much had been done to alleviate the chemical […]


Egyptian Energy Crisis Sends Protesters to the Streets

Unstable power…Egyptians activists blame their poor governmental planning for power cuts that have disrupted Ramadan. The Egyptian government has announced its intention to continue decreasing electric output pending the end of a heat-wave which saw temperatures climb to 40 degrees Celsius. Government spokesman Magdi Radi announced that an “emergency plan” prepared by the government would […]

VIDEO: Making Music From The Sun

An earthquake inadvertently converts a statue into a musical installation; Dr. Duffey replicates the effect with his own designs We’ve seen some interesting, creative applications of alternative energy. There is the father and son team in Gaza who created their own solar oven, though they had to stop filling orders when the glass ran out. […]


Ten Tips for Keeping Your Food Safe This Summer

Food spoils quickly in the heat and releases harmful methane gases. Hannah provides 10 green tips for keeping your food safe. Summer is coming to a close in some parts of the world, but here in the Middle East we’ve yet to see a break from soaring temperatures. But people and animals aren’t the only […]