Masdar City’s More Transparent Zero Carbon Plan

Since the hype clearly failed, Masdar and Foster and Partners have turned to the nuts and bolts of building a sustainable city instead. Masdar and Foster and Partners (F&P) have eaten several servings of humble pie in the last few months. After a barrage of criticism related to the costs and failed expectations of Abu […]


Masdar Mothership To Get New Pool And Gym

Masdar students will soon be able to take a break from their hot, clean energy studies for a workout and a swim. Despite widespread criticism leveled at its organizers (which has simmered down since reaching its zenith with a New York Times article earlier this year), the Masdar City project plods on. Still in the […]


American “Eco-Geek’s” First Week At The Masdar Institute

American engineering student Laura Stupin spends her first week on Masdar’s Mothership. Never mind the trumped up press releases that claimed for Masdar a zero carbon, zero waste, car-free city, or the derisive press that followed. And forget the original ambition to complete such unrealistic goals by 2015. Fast-forward instead to October, 2010, just over […]


Growing Green Ethic Amongst Emirati Businesses

Despite the UAE’s bad “eco-rap,” Summertown Interiors is helping to boost the region’s environmental ethos The UAE has been getting some rather bad press recently about their lack of environmental awareness. First, it emerged that only 1 in 25 Emiratis walked anywhere on a weekly basis and then that they throw away around 500 tonnes […]


UAE VIPs Attend Lecture on Environmental Sustainability at Yale University

Professor Daniel Esty lectured United Arab Emirates officials (and others) about environmental sustainability at Yale University last week. Members attending Professor Daniel Esty’s lecture: “Green to Gold: Environmental Sustainability in a Changing World” at Yale University last week included a who’s who of United Arab Emirates officials.  The event was attended by H.H. General Sheikh […]

Masdar CEO Admits An End To Oil

Masdar’s CEO acknowledges oil and gas are finite, yet the energy provider continues to exploit UAE’s natural resources to fund renewable projects with the same quest for fame and fortune that kept us glued to oil [image via GDS Digital] Given its celebrity status and our skepticism of its real sustainibility, we at Green Prophet […]


Masdar And The Dicey Science Of Carbon Credits

Are oil and gas companies seeking carbon credits simply opportunists looking to make a profit? [image via oedipusphinx] It  makes some sense that Masdar City, a carbon neutral city being built in Abu Dhabi, should receive carbon credits. But rewarding large oil companies such as Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC even though they continue to emit carbon […]


GE Ecomagination Centre in Masdar City

Abu Dhabi’s oil wealth funds energy infrastructure transformation with General Electric at the helm. In 2005, a light bulb went off for GE, which pledged to spend $1.5 billion on alternative technology by 2010.  Their Ecomagination department eclipsed that goal in 2009 and has recently committed a further $10billion to the cause. Masdar City in […]


Masdar City: A Diversion from the Crucible of Climate Change

Built on the profits of oil, should Masdar hold the mantle of energy leadership for the world? Yosef asks. According to the Masdar City website, the undertaking is intended to be Abu Dhabi’s “multi-faceted response to the challenges facing a sustainable future.” The city, intended to house 50,000 residents in a kind of technosphere designed […]


Re-Assessing Masdar City

Is Masdar City a beacon for Middle Eastern development? It may take another 10 years to find out. We have been skeptical of Masdar City and Foster+Partners, the architects responsible for the emergent eco-city’s design, but BBC reporter Tom Reap’s recent article paints a compelling portrait of this dubious venture.  Although projected building costs are […]


What's Sustainable about Masdar's Foster+Partners?

Foster+Partners, architect firm, claim projects like Masdar City are sustainable. Are they? Meet Foster + Partners: one thousand employees work in their twenty-two offices scattered around the world.  Their employees hail from 50 nations, which diversity they say leads to “creativity, innovation, and motivation.”  They are the people behind projects such as Masdar City that […]


Qatar’s Green LEED Convention Center, a Mini Masdar

Qatar’s new LEED-certified convention center could be as “green” as Masdar City. It will boast a world first of LED lighting in exhibition halls. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not the only Persian Gulf locations building environmentally sustainable projects. Now, Qatar is building a unique convention center, which although still unfinished has already achieved the […]