Amulet Gifts Bring Your Loved Ones Local, Handmade Love and Protection


Okay boys, let’s go over our Valentine’s Day list.  Organic homemade candy – check.  Potted flower plant – check.  Local handmade jewelry – ?  Don’t tell us you’re still scrambling?  The overly commercialized holiday of love is just around the corner!  Don’t worry, though.  We’ve got a jewelry tip that’s just right for your green, […]

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Solar Energy Hope Floats With Geotectura's Enegy-Collection Balloons


They say hope floats. Israel’s premiere environmental architecture firm Geotectura has certainly taken this statement to heart. Joseph Cory a designer at Geotectura, has worked with an aerospace engineer, to develop floating solar balloons capable of collecting solar energy in crowded cityscapes and places where large solar panels are not a viable alternative. They hold […]

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