NASA suggests these plants in your home to live longer

Back in 1989, NASA did a joint two-year study with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America on how to clean the air in entirely sealed environments, that is, spaceships. They concluded that to maintain good air quality inside a spaceship, astronauts should grow living plants to absorb and synthesize pollutants, in effect “scrubbing” the air. These are the plants they suggest.


Who needs a maid? Houseplants are powerful cleaners.

The brainiacs at NASA conducted a long-ago study on the impact of common house plants on indoor air pollution. Their findings are as relevant today as when first released in 1989: easily grown indoor gardens can work wonders in filtering airborne toxins. Green up your home and clean up your airways with some easily acquired, […]


Forgot Valentine’s? Green gifts save the day.

So you forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day – again?  Solve the problem in your morning shower (like this clever Romeo), or scan Green Prophet’s last-minute ideas from seven stellar and sustainable gift programs.  Use your laptop or smart phone to make a fast online donation or buy in the name of your beloved. Save the planet and […]