RECIPE: Moroccan Sfenj Donuts for Hannukah

Still frying for Hannukah but ready for something different? Try these light, crisp North African doughnuts. Two more candles to light for the Hannukah holiday, and maybe we’re running out of ideas for fried delicacies. Try these  Moroccan donuts. Traditionally served at family get-togethers, they’re lighter than most fried sweet things and so easy to […]


Etrog jam recipe

The etrog is a stunning fruit. It's also known around the globe as citron ––but it's not to be confused with the French word "citron" which just means lemon. The etrog or citron is indeed a citrus fruit, so cousin to lemon and lime, but it's a world away from that tangyness and in its own class.


Jordanian King Goes to War Over Celebratory Gunfire

No more guns for celebrations, says King of Jordan. Men in the Arab world shoot live fire in the air to celebrate weddings, and holidays. But stray bullets from the “festive” ceremony injures and kills people, causes stress, and poses a threat to wildlife. Jordan’s king says no more: Jordanian King Abdullah II has decided […]


Green Your Shabbat Candles With Beeswax

Every Friday night religious Jews light candles for Shabbat, the Sabbath or Shabbos. Guest poster Debra A. Waldoks sends us this tip in “light” of Earth Day today. Jewish or not, consider the ramifications of earth-friendly candles. My husband called me out on it: He claims that I am “green” when it affects my personal […]


Have a Green and Joyful Sizdah Bedar (Persian New Year)

If you are Iranian, now is the time to celebrate the Spring holiday. Make the green holiday, greener. [image via: Hamed Saber] Spring is celebrated as a time of renewal and regrowth among many religions and cultures that originated in the Middle East.  The Christian holiday, Easter, coincides with spring, as does the Jewish liberation […]


Enjoy Ecological Activies in Israel During Passover

An impressive aerial shot of Israel’s garbage mountain – site of new ecological activity – for Passover. You’ve already begun your preparations for Passover – you’ve starting finishing up all the yeast (or hametz) in the house, you’ve thought of ways to avoid food waste during the holiday, you’ve bought local, handmade and green gifts […]


Make Some Creative, Reused, Green Noise This Purim

Purim, one of the most colorful and popular holidays in Judaism (probably because it is a mitzva to get, ahem, inebriated), is coming up this Saturday evening.  Colorful because it involves getting dressed up in costume, and popular because it’s fun to see everyone else’s creative costume ideas, eat delicious pastries, hear the story from […]


RECIPE for Ma’amoul Cookies, a Tender Arabian Pastry Delight

Ma’moul means “filled” or “stuffed” in Arabic, and these tender, crumbly pastries are stuffed with dates or nuts. Traditionally, they’re made in special wooden molds that imprint the pastry with individual designs – so you know if your ma’amoul is stuffed with walnuts, dates, or pistachios, without having to take a bite. People all over […]


Powering Down on Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, which starts tomorrow evening, is a time of reflection, atonement, and looking forward to the year ahead.  It is also the only day of the year in Israel when everyone universally powers down – no cars are driven, no TV is broadcast, the radio waves are silent and no businesses are open.  It […]