Nightshades: Vegetables To Be Careful With

Have you ever thought of a potato as possibly harmful? Along with tomato and eggplant it has that potential What do tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant have in common with tobacco? They are all part of the Nightshade family. Many salads call for their use, including the Middle Eastern eggplant dish Baba Ghanoush, however, despite […]


7 New Ways to Use Lemons

These funny faces can help you both in and out of the kitchen Most people consider citrus fruit, such as lemon, a delicious seasoning when it comes to flavouring a salad (like tomato coriander salad), however these fruit are a great deal more versatile than that. The health benefit of lemons and oranges are well […]


Do You Eat In Front Of The Computer?

Watching TV and sitting at the computer is fattening, if you eat in front of the screen. It’s time to examine our eating habits and consider how best to repair them. Most people agree that eating in front of the computer or TV leads to overeating. We unconsciously reach for another handful of that salty […]


Another Name for Sugar – High Fructose Corn Syrup

Would you think that this healthy vegetable could be converted into something unhealthy? When glancing at a list of ingredients, many of the words are not simply unfamiliar but completely unknown to the average consumer. This being the case, checking a list of ingredients seems an almost futile exercise as many of the foods listed […]


The Hidden “Natural” Sugar in Your Food

A list of ingredients is often full of long, complicated words when all you really want to know is: “How much sugar is in this?” We live in an age where consumers are trying to become more health conscious. It is important to control what we eat, including the amount of items like salt and […]


Some Tips to Help Break Your Coffee Habit

If coffee is the only way you can give yourself a kick start, then you need to find a healthier way to start your day Coffee in the morning is a tradition for many people. Coffee as a pick-me-up during the day is another familiar habit that people rely on; however, there is some point […]


It’s Just a Pinch of Salt… Or Is It?

Rock salt, sea salt, table salt, how much salt is in your diet? When it comes to taking care of our diet there are many aspects to consider. Most people are aware of the amount of sugar they eat, or fatty foods, but have you ever stopped to consider your salt intake? Eating too much […]


Detox – Not a Diet, A Way of Life (4 Tips)

Are you as healthy on the inside as the outside? Detox is the answer to internal health Summer, vacation, relaxing, it is not just for you, it is also great to give your body the chance to unwind. We tend to push ourselves too hard throughout the year and then try for the quick fix. Whether […]


Is Margarine Your Best Choice?

Is toast with Margarine and honey part of your routine? Well maybe you should consider taking away just one small ingredient. In today’s day and age we have many choices available to us as we make out way through supermarket aisles; which brand to choose, which size, which flavour and which one is the healthiest. […]


Vegetarians Hit the Streets of Jordan Wearing Lettuce

A Muslim woman makes an uncharacteristic stand for vegetarianism on the conservative streets of Amman, Jordan. Last Sunday in the bustling streets of Amman in Jordan, a young Muslim women wearing a hijab and a suit of lettuce made a stand for vegetarianism. Amina Tariq, who is a member of the animal rights group PETA: […]

6 Tips to Cutting Down Stress

Does it sometimes feel like you are constantly racing, while life passes by in a blur? There are natural ways to avoid this stress. Image via Stig Nygaard Rising blood pressure, muscular tension, fraying nerves, trouble sleeping and killer migraines, does this sound like your life? Well, stress is a killer and in today’s modern […]


Tips to consider before buying beauty products

Ever look in the mirror and wonder what exactly was in those products you are slathering on your skin? Image via antkriz Part of most women’s morning regime involves walking into the bathroom, looking into the vanity mirror and trying to figure out how to minimise her so-called defects and play up her best features. […]


5 Good Reasons to Eat Watermelon this Summer

Just can’t wait to get your hands on some watermelon this summer? Well all for good reason. Image via dreamglow pumpkincat210 Summer is here, we are all melting in the heat and humidity of the Middle East, with our skin drying up so one of the main things on everyone’s mind is cooling down. And […]