Ron Arad’s Bike Wheels Will Never Go Flat

Ron Arad’s bike is up for the auction block: These wheels will add some spring to your ride. Unlike the car, which comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes, the bicycle has not been subject to as many design transformations and over the years has pretty much retained its classic shape.  Here and there there […]


Novel Bus-Stop Libraries in Israel Promote Green Transportation

Would mini-libraries at bus stops encourage residents of your city to use public transportation? Here’s a novel idea: create a system of mini-libaries at bus stops in order to encourage reading and green transportation. Think it could never happen? Think again. Two urban artists, one of whom graduated from Israel’s Technion Faculty of Architecture, submitted […]


The Recycled Plastic Bike that Never Gets a Flat Tire

Dror Peleg’s recycled plastic bike will set you “Frii” from flat tires. You won’t be able to do the Tour de France with this colorful bike designed by Israeli student Dror Peleg, but you will definitely capture everyone’s attention. Like this green toilet also developed in Israel, and Hashim Al Sada’s solar generator developed specifically […]