The Eco Army of Cyprus


Going green and doing it for the troops, in Cyprus “Going green” is a new defense tactic modern military: From the use of solar energy to power field re-chargers for communication equipment to finding new ways to supply troops with drinking water by moisture condensation from vehicle AC units. Armies going green is a new tactical offensive in […]

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Academic Research and Environmental Policy Conference at Tel Aviv University Tomorrow


Who says that academia has to be detached from the real world? The world of academia is notorious for being detached from the real world.  There are plenty of good reasons why it’s called the “ivory tower”.  Because sometimes you just don’t care why Jacques Derrida chose to spell the word difference as differance, and […]

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Do You WANA Green The Middle East? A Forum Report from Jordan


WANA, a North Africa and West Asia forum recently convened in Jordan to discuss the environment, a green economy, sustainable development and the revival of Hima, an Islamic environmental conservation practice. The West Asia – North Africa WANA Forum is a long-term initiative that brings together decision-makers, civil society orgs, religious leaders, researchers, business owners, […]

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