Cyclone Nilofar is Oman’s new meteorological nemesis

Although the tropical cyclone Nilofar has been veering away from Oman’s coast downwind towards Pakistan and India, it had inundated the infrastructure of several areas in the country, including Muzra, Dabab, Al Khabourah, Al Seeb, Al Khoud, Rusayl, Jalan, Sur and Al Ashkara. Nilofar is a Persian baby name and it means lotus or water lilly. Flooded […]


Experts: Tel Aviv Will Flood Again

Tel Aviv University professors tell Green Prophet that it’s just a matter of time: Tel Aviv will flood again. It’s warming up again this week in Israel, just after a series of storms last week that began with major flooding on the Mediterranean Coast and ended with Jerusalem of Gold turned to white after a […]


Icy Ireland Imports 25,000 Tonnes Of Egyptian Salt

Three years of extra snow has weakened Ireland’s salt stocks, demonstrating an overall lack of preparedness for the effects of climate change. Outline of Birket Maraqi salt lake in the oasis of Siwa, Egypt Facebook status updates from the UK read like this: “go away snow”, “does anyone know if its safe to drive to […]