Pauline Wafts Through “Uses & Abuses of Plant-Derived Smoke”


Pauline discovers in her review of “Uses & Abuses of Plant-Derived Smoke” that there is more to plant-based smoke than meets the eye. Read on for details. You’ve heard of tobacco and cannabis but what about jimsonweed or torchwood?  This book demonstrates that there’s a lot more to smoke created from plant material than just […]

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Beware Turkey’s Naysayers: Some Agricultural Chemicals ARE Harmful


It’s worthwhile to heed the “eco-washers” and other insincere marketers, but to completely overlook the harm in certain chemicals is to do a disservice to the community. We are as quick to take eco-washing to task as any rabid consumer. Earlier this year, we called out Foster & Partners for their “sustainable” architecture, which is […]

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Missing That Special Herb? Abu Dhabi Pesticide Testing Slows Supply


Ramadan observers frustrated over sluggish herb supply might be relieved to keep their meals pesticide-free During Ramadan, families tend to stay home and cook more. Perhaps too much, at times, since earnest observers generate 500 tonnes of organic trash. But what is your favorite cous-cous dish, or other Iftar meal, without a generous helping of […]

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Syrian Vendor Could Lose His Cart For Sidewalk Sales


Syrian’s police and vegetable vendors play a game of cat-and-mouse; will authorities find a way to let the market prevail? With its campaign against plastic bags and its shiny new renewable energy plan, Syria’s environmental esteem is rising high. Moshe’s weekly flight to the greater Middle Eastern blogosphere demonstrates all kinds of awareness from Damascus […]

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4 New Ways to Have Fun with Watermelon


Ever thought of doing more with your watermelon than simply slicing and dicing? Are you melting in the sticky Middle Eastern summer? Well here is a juicy fruit that is always a favourite, being nice and refreshing, the perfect thing for a summer’s day. There are many reasons for its popularity and not only because […]

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World Breastfeeding Week Focuses on “Baby-Friendly” Policies


Billboard in Honor of World Breastfeeding Week, Sydney, Australia. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) sponsored the 2010 celebration of World Breastfeeding Week on August 1-7. The theme, “Toward a Baby-Friendly World,” highlights ten steps to ensure success in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding reduces the rate of infant illness and mortality and protects mothers from post-partum […]

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