Tire Fire In Kuwait Seen From Space


A fire which broke out in a Kuwaiti tire dump last week could be seen from space Kuwait hardly has a green reputation (in fact, it’s been pretty obstructive in global efforts to set emission targets) but recent events have definitely undermined what left of its eco credentials. As well as shocking stories of animal […]

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Silicosis Kills 50th Worker At Turkish Denim Sandblasting Factory


Your sandblasted Armani jeans could be killing people. “Distressed” jeans are commonly made by blasting the denim with silica (pictured above) after it has been pressurized into miniscule dust particles. But this fashion trend has been lethal for workers in denim sandblasting factories around the world. In Turkey, İdris Oral has become the 50th factory worker […]

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Better Late Than Never, Egypt Takes Control of Mercury Disposal


8 million fluorescent tubes are improperly disposed every year in Egypt, leaching dangerous levels of mercury into the environment. Finally, that seems set to change. On the cards since 2007, Alexandria has finally opened up their first hazardous waste facility – mostly in order to manage mercury. Although many countries have attempted to limit the […]

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Lebanon Rocks Out To Cure The Green Blues


Batroun is an outpost of beauty in Lebanon. The next generation of environmental activists want to make sure it stays that way. Georges “Junior” Daou belongs to the next generation of Lebanese. A long time nature-lover, he has devoted himself full time to rejecting toxic waste in Beirut, consistent oil spills that degrade the Mediterranean […]

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21 Years After US, Turkey Finally Bans Asbestos


Somewhat belatedly, Turkey bans the procurement and use of asbestos throughout Turkey. Asbestos was once considered the darling of building materials given its extraordinary resistance to heat, its absorbent qualities, and its tensile strength. Commonly used in roofing, tiles, paper production, ceiling and floor tiles, in packaging, and in gadgets, asbestos became popular in the […]

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Israeli Hotel Owners Fear Diversion Of Dead Sea Tourism To Jordan


View from Israel to Jordan; hotel owners fear that years of construction projects will send tourists to the other side. The discussions over an appropriate solution to rising water levels in the southern Dead Sea flared up again in Israel last Wednesday as representatives of 14 hotel owners and environmentalists urged the government to abandon […]

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