Innowattech Proves It Can Collect Energy From Highways and Byways


“Parasitic” energy harvesting systems. An Israeli company shows it can collect energy from Israel’s highways. Think of the volume of traffic on your city highways. It’s just going to waste. But hopefully not for long: an Israeli company Innowattech has found a way to take the mechanical energy created by cars to convert it to […]

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Ormat's Opti Takes On Oil Sands In Alberta, A Dirty Deed For The Company's "Clean" Image


  Israel’s ORMAT Industries Ltd  (NASDAQ:ORA) has joined with its subsidiary Opti Canada Inc (TSE:OPC) in a project in extract and produce a high grade of petroleum from oil sands located in northern Alberta Canada. ORMAT is  a world leader in producing  energy from unconventional sources, including geo-thermal energy from volcanoes and hot springs under the […]

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PowerSines Saves On Industrial-Scale Lighting Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


If the Swiss do business with them, they must be doing something right, reasons Eran Tagor, CEO of PowerSines. Founded in 1980 it’s doing more than impressing the discriminating Swiss. With a staff of 55, the company supplies two main products to municipalities and businesses across the globe: the LEC (Lighting Efficient Controller) for retail […]

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Germany's SOLON Enters Solar Energy "Gold Rush" In Israel


(Sunrise over the Dead Sea taken from Israel side). The German solar manufacturer SOLON has just signed an agreement with the Israeli investment house Pretium Renewable Energy to do business in the Israeli photovoltaic market, according to the New Energy World Network. The move comes when many other international giants including Siemens and Veolia are […]

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Where Does Oil REALLY Come From?


Unlike popular belief, oil does not come from the remains of dinosaurs, rather from the silica based life-form called diatoms. Diatoms live in the top few meters of oceans and lakes and are able, unlike people, to convert sunlight into energy. In order to remain afloat and to store the energy they soak in, diatoms […]

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Israel's Clean Tech Industry: A Broad Brush Overview


Water technology, solar innovation, Israel’s electric cars: I’d originally written this story for ISRAEL21c a few months ago when we were planning on launching its new Environment channel. The new channel was finally up this week. Consider it a good starting point if you’d like to know more about Israeli technology and investment opportunities and […]

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Lots of Sunshine Power in the Holy Land as China and Israel Complete Solar Plant


Israel’s northern town of  Katzrin is the first town in Israel to receive its electricity from solar energy with the installation of a 50 KW “rooftop” solar power plant. The solar installation was installed by a cooperative agreement between the Chinese Sun Tech Power Holdings, based in Wuxi China, and Ramat Gan based Solarit Doral, […]

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Jordan Explores The Nuclear Option, Despite Alternative Plans For "Clean" Fuel On The Go


 Jordan, a country with both an acute energy and water scarcity problem, is on the verge of building its first nuclear power plant, in a barren desert region in the eastern part of the country. According to a recent article in Ynet News, the plant will be built by Russia’s Rosatom Nuclear Corporation, and follows […]

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Watt-O-Meter Helps Israelis Figure Out What's What With Their Electricity Consumption

Do you know how much energy is required to power the computer that you’re reading this on?  How about the light above you?  The air conditioning?  And do you know which one is the worst offender in terms of electricity consumption?  When you don’t know how much energy you’re using, it’s easy to forget about […]

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Play With the Cross-Breeze


Summer can be brutal in the Middle East, and not everywhere has EWA Technologies’ Air Conditioning. But no worries. Many homes DO have built in cooling systems that many people don’t bother taking advantage of. Cross breezes can be a very effecting way to cool down your house. The key is making sure that windows […]

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Switzerland’s 2000 Watt Society And Swiss Energy-Saving Practices Introduced To Israel


Who would think that Switzerland and Israel have anything in common? Switzerland brings to mind lush mountains, flowing streams and delicious chocolate. Israel has the well known (and personally loved) chocolad para but it doesn’t quite compare. I guess it takes a diplomat to make the connection. Monika Schmutz-Kirgöz, the Deputy Head of Mission of […]

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Innowattech's Coming To Sidewalks and Electric Avenues, Near You


Prof. Haim Abramovich, from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. We’d written about the energy harvesting company Innowattech earlier on Green Prophet, and not long ago, I got to interview the company about their latest news. Here’s a feature story I wrote for ISRAEL21c on the Israeli company that’s planning […]

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Leviathan Energy's Wind Lotus in Action At Eilat Energy Conference in Israel

As anyone can see from this video taken at the Eilat Energy conference in Israel last week, Leviathan Energy‘s Wind Lotus kicked in at extremely low winds of 1.6 meter/sec and at the high winds rotates competely quietly. In Hebrew the word leviathan roughly translates to a “whale” – and describes the great sea creature […]

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