Leviathan Gas Discovery Could be The Mother of All Resource Curses


Today’s announcement from Noble Energy of its gigantic Leviathan gas find in disputed territory will exacerbate tensions in region They say that fossil fuel riches become a curse to any country that possess them. Where fossil fuels flow – corruption, reduced democracy and increased inequality follow. It is such a recognized pattern that it has […]

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Egypt in Top 22 Nations for Renewable Investment Potential


To heat up its solar development, the Egyptian government is offering free land to potential solar investors. Despite Israel’s innovative green tech sector, and Abu Dhabi’s green building commitment at Masdar, the highest-ranking nation in the Middle East for renewable investment potential turns out to be Egypt, according to new  rankings from Ernst & Young. […]

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Now Innowattech is Testing Piezoelectric Power From Railways!


Israel’s Innowattech is engineering  piezoelectric technology for trains. This time, in conjunction with the National Railway Company, they are testing the efficacy of their piezo-electric technology for use on railway tracks to gather data automatically. For the test 32 existing railway pads were replaced with Innowattech’s electricity generator pads to measure how well they produce electricity. […]

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Israel-France Renewable Energy Conference Taking Place in Tel Aviv This Week

Thinking heads from two countries are better than from one.  French and Israeli scientists meet to discuss renewable energy. A two-day Energies Renouvelables Colloque franco-israelien (or Israel-France Renewable Energy Conference) has been taking place this week in Tel Aviv, in order to bring scientists and developers from both nations together.  Spread over November 10th and […]

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Energy Conference in Israel Becomes Arena for Debating Natural Gas Deal with Egypt


Nimrod Novik of the Merhav Group  was not pleased by the frontal attack waged by Delek’s Yoram Turbowitz at an energy conference in Israel this week. The Israel Energy and Business Convention 2010 held this week in Ramat Gan addressed a range of energy-related issues and featured keynote speeches by several government ministers. Of particular […]

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No More Gas Exploration in Israel?


Will the sea outside Israel be calm again? Hopes and dreams of a gas bonanza in Israel came to a sudden halt as shares came tumbling down after the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructure under Minster Uzi Landau decided to cancel any further sale of oil and gas exploration rights, the Israeli business daily Globes […]

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Israel to Make Public Buildings More Energy Efficient – At No Cost to the Taxpayer


Energy will soon be used more judiciously at the Supreme Court (shown here) and other public buildings in Israel. The Israeli government has awarded a tender for improving energy efficiency in public buildings by over 30% – without spending a shekel of taxpayer’s money. Under the tender’s Energy Saving Sharing plan, EHS Tech will bear […]

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Turkey’s Smart New Connection to Europe


While Turkey’s clean, smart energy solutions and its pending grid connectivity to Europe are praiseworthy, can we cut back demand too? Critics of GE’s Ecomagination program – which is said to offer cleaner, smarter power solutions – claim that GE is simply airbrushing an unsustainable model, perpetuating the very consumer culture that needs to be […]

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BrightSource Energy One Step Closer to World’s Largest Solar Plant


If the California public approves, Brightsource Energy will proceed to construction in the Fall despite rare desert tortoise Although BrightSource Energy pulled out of the Ashelim tender in the Negev desert, they are relentless elsewhere. Plans to build the world’s largest solar power plant in the Californian section of the Mojave Desert moves one step […]

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ENGEX Conference on Energy, Water, Transportation and the Environment Offers 10% Discount to Green Prophet Readers


EngEx, an organization of independent and nonpartisan engineers, believes that “enhanced communication, achieved through unity and constant exchange of research and dialogue, is the means to a solution for energy, water, infrastructure, and climate concerns.” And it is organizing a conference in order to provide a forum for such communication. EngEx hopes that their conference […]

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Lebanon Looks to "Smart Grid" and Renewable Sources to Generate 12% of Its Electricity by 2020


Addressing a renewable energy forum in Beirut earlier this month, Lebanon’s Water and Energy Minister Gebran Bassil (pictured left) cited the need for regulatory changes to facility the introduction of renewable energy in the country, but expressed optimism that Lebanon will reach its goal of generating 12% of its electricity through renewable resources by 2020. […]

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Israel Seeks to Build Nuclear Power Plants With Arab Neighbors


A pan-Middle East nuclear power plan? Arabs and Israelis working together? While Israel continues to maintain a policy of ambiguity regarding its military nuclear capability, it is making no secret about its plans to pursue a nuclear option to meet its energy needs. The minister of infrastructure, Uzi Landau, officially announced today that Israel seeks […]

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