We visit the Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Tafline’s whirlwind tour became even more of a whirlwind when the bus broke down not once, but twice, en route to the Siwa oasis near Libya! This was the plan: leave at 8pm Friday night from Turgoman station in Cairo. Arrive in Siwa at 5.30am and meet my friend Gwen from France at the Siwa […]


How Benches and Sidewalks Transform Middle East Streets

The recent protests held across the Middle East demanding better and greener transport got me thinking about how we encourage the oldest form of transport- walking After the heat of the day fades, the streets of Middle East which are normally brimming with road-raged taxi drivers give way to the gentle patter of newly-wed couples […]


Deepest Wonder of the World About to Get Naked

“Israel is not a theocracy, it is a democracy. We want to create a work that would probably not happen anywhere else in the Middle East.” Spencer Tunick, photographer. If all goes according to Spencer Tunick’s plan, the Dead Sea will serve as the backdrop this Saturday September 17 for his next photographic installation: hundreds […]


UK hiking holiday specialist heads for Lebanon

Eco-tourism holidays in Lebanon offer picturesque fishing villages and ancient remains British walking holidays specialist Ramblers Worldwide has added Lebanon to its list of destinations, according to a recent announcement. Ramblers Worldwide have long included Jordan, Morocco, Oman and other Middle East and North African destinations on their itineraries, although some scheduled trips to Egypt […]


Google Maps To Bring Virtual Eco-Tourists to Israel

Soon virtual tourists will be able to view images of Israel via Google street view, reducing the need to get on a carbon-emitting airplane. Google, our modern-day cartographers, have been discovering new ways to map out the world since 2007 when they came out with Google Maps.  One of the ways in which they’ve created […]


Five Star Eco-Tourism in Cool, But Hot Mid East Locations

Jordan’s Six Senses Evason Hot Springs Eco Resort. Does King Abdullah and family come here for fun? There are numerous eco-tourism options available in the Middle East. Green-hearted tourists can climb “God’s Mountain” in Egypt or visit the desert oasis of Siwa along the Red Sea coast in Sinai. But in the United Arab Emirates, five star […]

Eco-tourism on the West Bank’s Elusive Sufi Trail

Palestinians hope rural tourism in Taybeh will lure tourists away from the beaten path Lamb blood is splattered all over the doorway of what was once a church as if someone had just dropped a leaky garbage bag filled with guts from the heavens. “The local people continue to follow Old Testament practices. They sacrifice […]