Lamu’s Muslim And Indigenous People Demand “Natural Justice”

With help from an international NGO, Lamu’s Swahili and indigenous communities seek to redress potential harm to their natural resources. A small but important enclave of Islamic culture in Kenya is threatened by a super port backed by Chinese interests. So are the surrounding coral reef, mangrove forests, and endangered marine turtles and dugongs. The […]

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Toxic Chemicals in Children's Bath Products Trigger International Outcry, Israel Says It's Safe


Israel has already done it. Now the governments of China and Vietnam are conducting their own safety tests on some baby bath products, such as Johnson and Johnson (J&J) No More Tears, found to be contaminated with formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane in a report issued March 12 by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Some major Chinese, […]

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Israel and China Build Israel's Biggest Solar Power Plant


This week, Israel’s biggest solar power station was inaugurated in Katsrin, a place otherwise known for its archaeological sites. Generating 85,000 KWH per year, the power station represents a milestone in Israel’s adoption of alternative energy, which until now had hardly been a soaring success. But it also represents something else: A partnership between Israel […]

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