Islam and Sustainable Development, A Book Covering These New Worldviews


Odeh Al-Jayoussi creates a  great guidebook on Islam and sustainable development, although it’s a little overambitious in its reach at times Odeh Al-Jayoussi, the current vice president of Jordan’s Royal Scientific Society, has certainly had an interesting career. As well as working for the International Union for Conservation of Nature, he’s spent time at the City […]

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Book Review: ‘The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change’ by Stephen Gardiner


Stephen Gardiner argues that climate change is a combination of the ‘prisoners dilemma’ and ‘tragedy of the commons.’ Stephen M. Gardiner regards climate change more or less as an ethical failure on the part of the human race, something that implicates our institutions’ moral and political theories alongside ourselves as supposedly moral beings. He employs […]

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“Green Deen” Ibrahim Abdul-Matin Connects Environmentalism With Islam

Brooklyn born Ibrahim Abdal-Matin was raised on Islamic environmentalism and that the "earth is a mosque". His passionate voice has been translated into his brilliant book, "Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Environment," in which he educates us on greening our lives and faith. Read more on how we can do that.

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