Bamboo Warka Water towers pull drinking water out of thin air


Italian architect Arturo Vittori and his colleague Andreas Vogler designed a low-tech machine, based on passive design, that can produce between 50 and 100 liters of clean drinking water daily, without electrical equipment and independent of land-based water sources. This inexpensive, easily assembled tower was designed specifically for rural communities in Ethiopia that lack access to safe […]

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BioThink: Iranian Hybrid Vehicle Powered by Magnets and Sun


A hybrid energy source comprised of solar energy and magnets fuel this futuristic car. Fuel-guzzling, monochromatic sedans will be a thing of the past if Mohammad Ghezel can sell his latest concept. About the only aspect of the future we dare to think deeply about given climate change, population growth and shrinking natural resources, BioThink […]

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A Desert Shrub That Outwits Mice


While humans inch closer to their eventual demise by burning up the resources upon which they so richly depend, the earth’s “lower” species are making moves to ensure their longevity. US and Israeli researchers published a joint study in the journal Current Biology that unveils how a desert shrub called Ochradenus baccatus outwits the spiny mice […]

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