Siemens Headquarters at Masdar City Scoops Coveted Architecture Award


The LEED-hopeful Siemens headquarters in Masdar City has been awarded the coveted 2012 MIPIM future projects award.  It wasn’t long ago that the first batch of photographs depicting the new Siemens headquarters made its way through the virtual world, but the LEED Platinum-hopeful building designed by Sheppard Robson has already scooped a coveted architecture award, […]

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Meet Me in St. Louis for Sukkah City 2011


Inspired by last year’s Sukkah City in NYC (see one of the past designs above), St. Louis is hosting its own sukkah design competition this year. With the Jewish high holidays fast approaching, some of us are thinking about honey recipes, sustainable festive meals, and sukkahs (or temporarily erected shelters).  The folks over at Washington […]

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Beautiful Red Sea Film School Integrates Nature As Teaching Tool


This is more than a building with a ragged mountain backdrop. This architecture creates the ultimate in sensory education for Jordan’s film students. The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts in Aqaba, Jordan taps into natural light, sounds, and shadows to create a sensorily vivid learning experience for film students. Albeit minimalist and respectful of […]

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Luxury Architecture in Mecca: Has Hajj Lost Its Egalitarian Spirit?


As the most iconic structure of Islam, the cuboid Ka’bah in Mecca is one of striking simplicity. Covered in black material it’s a bold yet uncomplicated structure, with bare walls and a simple interior consisting of lamps and three supporting arches. Over time, however, this simplicity has been undermined by the proliferation of luxury hotels, […]

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New Design Approved For Jerusalem’s Giant Glass Museum Of Tolerance


The glassy new plans for the Museum of Tolerance reflect badly on the nearby environment. During the festival of Sukkot, Jews worldwide are camping out in their organic Sukkahs, touching the earth, reconnecting. Karin wrote about sustainable booths all over Jerusalem, while another, snazzier Sukkah is currently being displayed on Manhattan’s Union Square. Contrasted with […]

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Yortanlı Dam To Flood Turkey’s Ancient City Alliaoni


Environmentalists are losing the battle to protect Alliaoni from drowning beneath the Yortanlı Dam’s floodwaters Despite certain fits and starts between secular and conservative residents, Turkey is moving and shaking, establishing itself as a firm democracy. Nor is the country short on natural and historical bounty. Recently, we described how Turkey is helping Syria revive […]

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Merav Feiglin Opens Her Studio As Part of Emek Hefer’s “Open Houses” Festival


Check out Merav Feiglin’s Trashlights, mosaics, and other recycled material artwork between August 25th-27th. When Tel Aviv does something, sooner or later everyone else wants to do it too. For years Tel Aviv has devoted one weekend a year to celebrating its architecture, putting on a “Houses from Within” festival.  (In recent years the festival […]

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Foster + Partners in Jordan: What’s Sustainable About a Green Airport?


Inspired by palm trees, Masdar City architects will expand Queen Alia Airport, to become a “green” airport in Jordan. A couple of months ago, fellow Green Prophet writer Tafline Layline wrote a blog about the dubious green credentials of Fosters + Partners projects across the Middle East. The architect firm behind ambitious green projects such […]

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Dubai Properties Faces $7.3 Million Lawsuit


Who to believe? That Dubai properties hasn’t paid or that Hopkins Architects reneged on their agreement? There are different species of architectural firms operating in the feeding frenzy that is Dubai. Some, such as Foster&Partners, are contributing to the country’s environmental malaise, while others, such as Studied Impact, are trying a bit harder to reduce […]

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Sheikha Mai Saves Bahrain's Architectural Heritage


After her grandfather’s house was demolished, Sheikha Mai committed to preserving Bahrain’s venerable places Image by dunsky via flickr Though most of our architectural news depicts ongoing developments (like in Bahrain), the BBC series giving prominence to “heritage heroes” preserving more venerable developments, marinated in history, has steered our green news reel in a different […]

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