Vegetarians Hit the Streets of Jordan Wearing Lettuce

A Muslim woman makes an uncharacteristic stand for vegetarianism on the conservative streets of Amman, Jordan. Last Sunday in the bustling streets of Amman in Jordan, a young Muslim women wearing a hijab and a suit of lettuce made a stand for vegetarianism. Amina Tariq, who is a member of the animal rights group PETA: […]


Jordan Society for Renewable Energy's Eco-House Education

JRES plans to make learning about renewable energy a reality for all citizens Though not everyone in Jordan has an eco-conscience, such as the local thieves who are scheming ways to divert water, the country’s conferences and other initiatives suggest that the environmental movement is finally gaining ground.  And the Jordanian Society for Renewable Energy […]


Rima Malallah Brings Handmade Art and Love on a Bike to Amman

Rima Malallah, a young woman living and creating in Amman, Jordan, is bringing her colorful handmade art to the Ammanian masses.  Different from other galleries in Amman, Malallah offers a wide variety of products (including original paintings, prints, postcards, journals, cards, jewelry, handpainted ties, hand-knit scarves, bottle vases, key chains and coasters) and encourages interaction […]


A Miserable Walk Through Amman

According to the blog 360East, Amman is about to adopt a Bus Rapit Transit system and make plans for installing light rail, two important steps to break Amman’s 30-year love affair with the private car. Having lived in Amman in summer 2006, I can attest that buses are a mess. They are very cheap but […]