Alon Tal Paints a Picture of Israel’s Environment Wrongs and Rights (INTERVIEW)

Joshua interviews Israel’s most influential and accomplished environmentalist, Dr. Alon Tal.  Where is Israel at in terms of environmental protection?  Get the scoop here. Israel has introduced several environmental protections in the last few years, but many problems remain.  Although massive social protests swept Israel over the summer, environmental issues were not at the fore. […]

Jenin Playground to Get Green Makeover

German-Palestinian society NIJMAH is working on renovating a kid’s playground using natural materials and setting up a permaculture garden Permaculture may be new to the Middle East but with Jordan hosting the recent permaculture world conference and various organic farms sprouting up, the region is slowly catching up. In Palestine, there is already a permaculture […]


Polluting Cars May Be Banned From Israeli Cities

New rush hour anti-pollution measures may reduce this kind of “morning haze” in major Israeli cities Following plans to ban transport trucks in major cites like Tel Aviv during early morning rush hours, and after the opening of the special toll-run “fast lane” into the country’s largest and most populated city, Israel’s Transport Ministry is […]


Palestinian Coal Kilns Blow Dust on Israeli Meat Eaters

We pay for barbecued meat with our health Every year the air pollution rises steeply during Israel’s Independence Day, where even people with vegetarian (or vegaware) leanings have a sudden urge to fry ground beef “kebabs” on the mini BBQ grill sold at minimarkets and basically tossed out after use. But the effects of man’s […]


Egypt’s Buried Dignitaries Won’t Be Moving Anytime Soon

A leading Muslim group denies the Cairo municipality’s request to relocate graves in the crowded city. Following the success of Al-Azhar park in Cairo, also known as the city’s lungs, the municipality looked to cemeteries as possible venues to develop more community parks in Egypt’s crowded capital. But Dar Al-Ifta, the research institute tasked with […]


Tehran Residents Complain About Air Pollution and Water Quality

The biggest environmental concerns of the residents of Tehran are air pollution and water quality. The public awareness of environmental problems is of great importance in today’s societies. It is somehow more important than the governmental privileges. In Iranian society, this awareness is in shadow of political, economic and social issues, which look more substantial […]


Israeli Study: Smog Bad For Wall Street

Two Israeli researchers have discovered a link between air pollution and stock returns. Days with poor air quality may be hurting more than merely your asthmatic nieces and your uncles and aunts with emphysema and your descendants. Now its even hurting your Wall Street stock traders, by affecting their ability to deal with risks.

Egyptian Strikes Clear The Air – Temporarily

One unexpected consequence of the riots is cleaner air, because fewer factories are running. Amid the turmoil and disappointment of Egyptian President Mubarak’s refusal to leave Egypt despite ongoing and increasingly desperate protests, an unexpected consequence has emerged. Infamous for its stultifying smog, Cairo is packed with factories and cars that create an unhealthy breathing […]


Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind? How Egypt Cleans Up

Polluting factories will be relocated out of Cairo at their own expense. Will they simply trash their new home? Or will the government encourage them to clean up their act? Widely criticized for its smog and congestion, despite its central, green “lung” – the Al-Azhar park – Cairo is desperate to clean up its city. […]


Israeli Clean Air Act Goes into Effect

Passed in the summer of 2008, Israel’s Clean Air Act went into effect this month. As with its neighboring Middle Eastern countries, things can be slow moving in Israel sometimes.  Maybe its a regional thing.  But better later than never.  While it would have been great if Israel’s Clean Air Act went into effect back […]

Another “Smog Holiday” in Tehran

Yay, I used to say as a kid when we’d get snowed in for school. A surprise overnight “dump” could paralyze our small town as they called in ploughs from less icy regions in our Canadian province to salt the roads. But in Tehran, it’s an environmental problem keeping the kids from school, and their […]

Esfahan Is Almost As Polluted As Tehran

A look at the air pollution in Esfahan, Iran. Cars and the clay brick industry are some of the biggest problems. The solution? Take the bus. In 2005 it was announced for the first time that the air pollution of Esfahan, the third big city of Iran, was in an emergency situation. Since then Esfahan […]


A Black Smog-Craft Chokes Cairo’s Skies

Trapped air and burning rice waste turns Cairo’s already sullied skies black during “Black Cloud Season” Not long ago I took a trip to the Mediterranean Sea and was appalled that from Cairo’s city center, in the Nile river, to well beyond the pyramids of Giza lie mounting heaps of trash: litter on the side […]