Berkey Water Filter: What You Need to Know

berkey water filter, countertop in a kitchen

The Brita takes too much effort. And all that plastic! How about a non-electric Berkey Water Filter for your kitchen? Takes out the stuff you don’t want, leaves the good stuff in.

The Berkey. For those of you who have one, nothing more needs to be said. For those who have never heard of it, or have a keen interest in learning more, here is the information that you need to know. This water filtration system, which also is an eye-catching addition to any counter, will be one of the best investments that you could make for your family. Get ready to donate that exhausted refrigerator filter pitcher, and get available for the best hydration you have ever had.

The Cleanest Water You Will Ever Drink

Do you know what is really in your water? If you have had it tested, you may be a little surprised. If you can look beyond the parts per million of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, pharmaceutical runoff, BPA residue, heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine, stay tuned because there could be even more lurking in your local water supply. Contaminated water is not found in just urban water supplies either. Those who run on well-water know the familiar scent and taste that can be associated. Granted, there are many different types of filters, but not all of them are considered water purifiers.

Berkey on the go, filters water when you travel

Filters water when you are between cities or between camping spots.

The Berkey water filter system will give you the cleanest water you have ever had. We can’t even say tasted, because there is absolutely no taste. Berkeys are not just a filter; they are a water purifier. Which means they can eliminate bacteria and viruses. The filters are incredible, and they can filter out the water you scoop from the local ditch and come out purified. Not all water filter systems are the same, but those who own a Berkey will tell you there is nothing like it, and all others pale in comparison.

A Size for Every Family

Do you find yourself refilling your pitcher filter after every other glass? Constant refilling is inconvenient, especially if someone neglects to take their turn before returning it to the refrigerator. The Berkey system allows you to enjoy glass after glass without having to refill the reservoir relentlessly. There are several different sizes so you can find the right one that will suit the size of your household. You want to know how much water you will need. If you live in an area where natural disasters are prevalent or have a large family, the Crown Berkey holds a whopping six gallons of water. The Big Berkey is the most popular seller and holds approximately 2.5 gallons.

Easy to Assemble with a Chic Look

No tools are required. The Berkey comes with only a few parts and very easy to follow instructions. You will get a rubber ring that goes around the bottom to protect your countertops. There are two stainless steel “buckets”- one that is on the top to hold the filters and the tap water you put in, and the bottom which the fresh Berkey water will flow into and hold. You can purchase a stainless steel spigot or a plastic one for most models that is super secure and does not leak. You will receive two filters, but the system can hold up to four. You can also purchase fluoride filters. If you only use two filters, it also comes with plugs to place in the other holes. Then there is a top. It is that easy. To prep the filters, you let the water run through it (and supply a silicone connector for your sink) until it beads up with water. When it does, it is ready to use (but it is recommended you run a full tank of water through it to clear out any factory sediment or loose charcoal).

Pays for Itself

Okay, so you may look at the Berkey system and say, wow, I can’t afford a $300 Berkey. A typically extended pitcher filter will go for about 120 gallons max before it goes sour, and it doesn’t filter out nearly half of what a Berkey does. They run for about $15 each. Just one Berkey filter lasts for 3,000 gallons, and the system comes with two, which means you are getting 6000 gallons of purified water. Two replacement filters cost about $120. Respectively, you are paying $0.13 a gallon for pitcher water, and $0.02 a gallon for purer Berkey water. Plus, think of all the unnecessary waste you will be tossing into the landfills. The Berkey will pay for itself before you ever have to change the filters.

There are many reasons why the Berkey is becoming one of the most trusted and utilized names in-home water filtration systems for well-being. It looks beautiful in both modern and rustic homes, but it is also easy to assemble. You have a variety of systems to choose from that meet your family’s needs. You will have a water purifier that will stand the test of time, even if there is a natural emergency (it does not require any electricity or other power source besides gravity). It is an investment that will pay for itself in a short period, and you will have the best water that you will never have to taste or smell again.

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