FIFA official publicly rules out a Qatar summer World Cup


Three years ago, Qatar won the right to be the first Middle Eastern country to host a World Cup in 2022; after much speculation, FIFA’s Secretary General Jerome Valcke publicly ruled out the possibility that the competition will take place in summer. Since winning the bid with designs of spectacular solar-powered stadiums, the Emirate has insisted […]

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FIFA Is Already Making Contingency Plans For Qatar


FIFA is unofficially mulling over plans to change the rules of the game to accommodate Qatar’s high summer temperatures. Concerned that the stadiums will not be sufficiently cool for 2022 World Cup players, FIFA is unofficially mulling over the possibility of allowing three 30 minute thirds instead of two 45 minute halves. This is according […]

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Qatar Accused Of Bribing Their Way To Solar-Powered 2022 World Cup


Life wouldn’t be interesting without a few spy characters. Sunday Times reporters go undercover to root out Fifa corruption. This is not the first time that two African Fifa committee members have sold their votes. Sunday Times undercover reporters learned from Ismail Bhamjee, a former Fifa executive committee member, that Cameroon and the Ivory Coast […]

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