Green Bloggers Conference: Environmental Awareness in Palestine “A Need to Start”


Hiba, Tamam, and Wael (left to right) from the Palestinian Authority express their desires for environmental change at the Environment Blogger’s Workshop in Madaba, Jordan. As we’ve been saying, Green Prophet hosted a Green Blogger’s Conference in Jordan earlier this week. We’ve recapped what we’ve learned from the Jordanian activists. Now Hiba Hamzeh from Volunteering […]

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"Food for Thought" Conference in Tel Aviv


Advertising itself as Israel’s first food-focused conference, “Mazon Le-Machshava” or food for thought, opens in the Tel Aviv port next Thursday, November 19. In addition to a Top Chef-style cookdown to produce the tastiest meal with the lowest carbon footprint, the conference also promises conversations about farming, energy and water. It taps into a growing trend […]

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Father of "Green Revolution" Leaves Behind Big Questions


Plant pathologist Norman Borlaug, 95, died this Saturday, raising questions about the legacy of industrial food in the Third World. In 1970, Borlaug received a Nobel Peace Prize for averting famine through bringing fertilizers, pesticides and new plant strains to countries like India, Mexico and Pakistan. But environmentalists argue that his plant engineering only delayed […]

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The Elders and Eco Minded Businessmen to Visit Israel, West Bank, and Gaza


The Elders, a group of independent and eminent global leaders originally brought together by Nelson Mandela, have announced their plans to visit Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza at the end of August.    The delegation will be led by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, and will include Ela Bhatt (India), Gro Brundtland (Norway), Jimmy […]

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Untreated Wastewater Poses Huge Threat to West Bank Palestinians


A report published Sunday by the Israeli human rights group B’tselem, titled, “Foul Play: Neglect of Wastweater Treatment in the West Bank” found untreated wastewater to be a major source of pollution in the West Bank. 91 million cubic meters (mcm) of wastewater is produced each year in Israeli settlements, parts of Jerusalem, and Palestinian […]

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Palestinians Repair Crumbling Infrastructure to Weather Water Crisis


(A view of flood water in an olive grove in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem, last October. The filthy water killed about 30 olive trees. Photo from Ma’an News). The regional water crisis has hit the West Bank and Gaza hard, and the Palestinian Water Authority is rushing to repair crumbling infrastructure to maximize the little […]

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Is the Financial Crisis Making It Harder to go Organic? No Sweat Apparel in Trouble


With the financial crisis effecting more and more people every day and spending becoming significantly more conscious, many consumers are choosing to trim the fat.  Unfortunately, this often means becoming more dollar conscious and less eco conscious.  Greener choices – such as organic, shade-grown, or local – often cost a little bit more, and so […]

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The Security Barrier In Israel Affects Water Allocation in the West Bank, Finds Cousteau Team

Israelis need it to stay secure from terror attacks, but the Palestinians see it as a barrier to making peace, and getting their fair share of water and other resources. Alexandra Cousteau (who I spoke to while on her Expedition: Blue Planet in Israel) interviews an Arava Institute alum from the Palestinian Authority to get […]

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Selling a Vision of Hope To Advance Clean Technology and Peace in the Middle East


Today’s guest post is by Nissim Dahan, who is working to sell his “Vision of Hope.” Dagan envisions a network of individuals and organizations to help create economic prosperity in the Middle East. Through funding and implementing new environmental solutions, like clean technologies, Dahan believes the world can fight extremism. He uses the analogy of the […]

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Why is the Society for the Protection of Nature (SPNI) in Israel Supporting Settlements in the West Bank?


Should Israel’s premiere environment preservation group support settlement activities? Regarded as one of, if not the, most respected environmental NGOs in Israel, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) has a lot to be proud of. Perhaps best known for its tours and field schools, it also works on grassroots community initiatives […]

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Samson Organic Farm – Under Threat?


Green Prophet recently highlighted the dilemma of buying organic eggs from a Jewish farm in the West Bank. A little investigation by yours-truly revealed that the picturesque Givaot Olam organic farm is a settlement outpost established with no authorisation from the Israeli government, meaning that the farm is (theoretically) slated for evacuation. (Could even be […]

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