BYOM… (Bring Your Own Mug)

Instead of relying on the paper and styrofoam cups that are provided at work, bring your own mug. Some coffee shops will make your beverage straight in a mug brought from home. The less disposable you use, the less that ends up in the landfill. Check out other landfill solutions.


Cloth Nappy Care: EcoMum on Cloth Nappy Week

I know that in Israel we do not yet celebrate this joyous week, but coming from blighty and being a big old fan of cloth nappies I am going to throw down the gauntlet for us sometimes slow-to catch-up Israelis. England is celebrating Real Nappy Week from the 21st to the 28th of April: It’s […]


Can This Be Fixed?

The other day I was out with a friend and she told me that she had to stop by the shoe store to get knew shoes. I asked her why, and she responded that the backs of her shoes had been squashed and it was uncomfortable. I was able to convince her to check out […]


Buying in Bulk

Try to buy in bulk  from warehouse stores or the shuk. Often these items come in big jars which you can use. But even if you cannot, you’ll often find that they offer items that have less packaging and therefore have less trash when you are done using them. An added benefit is that it can […]