Middle East Immune to Pork Crisis? Think Again.

Reduce one food source and increase pressure on others. We’re all going to die!  Only a lot later and with healthier arteries according to political satirist Stephen Colbert’s side-splitting riff on recent reports that the global bacon supply is “cooked”. Britain’s National Pig Association released data recently showing that European pig herds are declining “at a significant […]


My Transformation From Carnivore to Vegan, and Back

American Jewish food writer Leah Koenig talks about her journey back to meat-eating. A million answers have been given (and a million jokes cracked) around the Passover question “Why is this night different from all other nights?” But this year, my Passover truly felt different. This year, for the first time since I became a […]


Palestinian Coal Kilns Blow Dust on Israeli Meat Eaters

We pay for barbecued meat with our health Every year the air pollution rises steeply during Israel’s Independence Day, where even people with vegetarian (or vegaware) leanings have a sudden urge to fry ground beef “kebabs” on the mini BBQ grill sold at minimarkets and basically tossed out after use. But the effects of man’s […]