How Palestine’s UNESCO Membership Could Affect Middle East Heritage Sites


Akko in Israel is just one important World Heritage Site in the Middle East region that could suffer from the United States’ decision to withhold funding to UNESCO following the admittance of Palestine as a member state. Department of State spokesperson Victoria Nuland said that the United States will “refrain from making contributions to UNESCO” […]

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UNESCO Urges Ethiopia To Halt Gibe III Dam


Green Prophet has followed the Renaissance Dam project for months, on which another Ethiopian dam project sheds some light. On its list of dams to be constructed, Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam project (formerly known as the Grand Millennium Dam) has drawn passionate commentary to our site. Despite the country’s inability to afford the dam and its potential […]

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Lamu’s Muslim And Indigenous People Demand “Natural Justice”

With help from an international NGO, Lamu’s Swahili and indigenous communities seek to redress potential harm to their natural resources. A small but important enclave of Islamic culture in Kenya is threatened by a super port backed by Chinese interests. So are the surrounding coral reef, mangrove forests, and endangered marine turtles and dugongs. The […]

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